Great question! Here's our information run-down:

➯ protected by raids using an interview system! ➯ trustworthy, reliable staff who are here to welcome you with open arms! ➯ plenty of self-assignable roles! ➯ over 15 interest channels, including sports, kpop, gaming and more! ➯ 100% trans inclusive! ➯ non-binary & genderqueer people welcome ➯ a chill, calm vibe, chaos-free! ➯ an ever-growing list of colour roles! ➯ server-wide events like movie nights, icon contests, and cards against humanity! ➯ always open for partnerships! ➯ daily questions of the day! ➯ hidden channels for debates, vents and conspiracy theories ➯ a generally comfortable safe space for all WLW identifying people

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