After working up a rapport with the mansion, the thus far oldest resident Kyril Magnus organized a banquet for the newly arriving guests of the Abode. It was during these two days of feasting that Residents were given time to acquaint themselves with each other, and then for Kyril herself to explain her findings of the mansion.

It was explained that the space seeks out those in need of some form of help, whether physical or mental, as well as that anyone could leave at any time, if they wished.

During her explanations, one of the more antagonistic Residents chose to make a scene, and directly attacked Kyril after flipping the banquet tables with magic.

A battle ensued as a few brave Residents worked alongside Kyril to contain this threat- though in the end, it came at a price. Although the menacing Psychomancer was killed, Kyril suffered fatal injuries in the fight- reduced to nothing but ash. . . And an egg.