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SD Smash is a new, and highly active community of Super Smash Bros. players. We host tournaments, and special events! Feel free to join in!

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SD Smash is a new, and highly active community of Super Smash Bros. players. We host tournaments, and special events! Feel free to join in!

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Final of the Elite Four: Wyterra!

Sorry if we're a little late again, but it's time to reveal the final member of the Elite Four: Wyterra! Each fighter in the Elite Four is a special kind of irritating, and our good friend Wyterra is no exception. Have fun dodging a constant barrage of attacks and sidestepping mines.

Also, I'd like to announce that registrations will be open very soon! Sign-ups will be done via a self-assignable role. Your place in line will be determined via the order you reacted in.

I'd like to give a special shout-out to Krispy, who made all of these amazing banners for our Elite Four members.

Stay tuned, we have one more twist tomorrow...

Third of the Elite Four: WizardGeno!

The third member of the Elite Four is here. Please give a warm welcome to WizardGeno! Did you really think you could pick a small rushdown character to counter N and Creepy? If so, I hope you're ready to deal with super armor tilts and dying at 60%. Think you can camp him out? Bowser is a pretty scary rushdown himself. As I said when I announced the Elite Four, these fighters aren't just being picked for their skill, but their playstyles. The contest is a mix of endurance, skill, and adaptability. No matter who you pick, you're going to be thrust into an unfavorable match at some point.

Second of the Elite Four: ~N~!

Alright boys, it's time to announce our second Elite Four member: N! He's the Zelda main everyone loves to hate. You might find him cheap and cheesy, but fighting him is a rhythm game where one missed beat costs you a stock. Usually, the best way to beat him is to take him off a flat stage. Shame you can't do that here. However, we're doing a two-fer today! As some of you may know, N won't always be available due to real life commitments. Therefore, when he is unavailable, I will be taking his place! I may win, I may lose, but when I play, nobody has any fun!

While I have your attention, I'd like to address how the Elite Four champions will work long-term. The members will in fact change over time depending on performance. People who win the challenge will definitely be invited to be an Elite Four member, and those who lose consistently will be swapped out for better performing players. So don't fret if you didn't make it into the elite four, you may well get your chance in the near future.

First of the Elite Four: CreepyCowboy!

We've kept you waiting all day, but it's time to announce our first Elite Four member: our very own CreepyCowboy! Anyone who frequents #arenas should be well acquainted with his infamous Ike. You'll need to space well and time your hits in order to break through his aerial spam. It may be scummy, but by god it works.

We'd also like to give some more details on how registration will work. It's simple: come the day of the E4 challenge, we'll go down the list of entrants. If you miss your call, you'll be moved to the back of the line. If you miss your call again, you'll be dropped for the week. If time allows us to get through all the challengers, we'll take challenges from crashers. Registration will be open to SD members first, and then to outsiders a day before the challenge begins

SD Smash Elite Four - $50 eShop Prize

SD Smash is pleased to announce a new recurring event: The SD Smash Elite Four! We've been working on this for a while alongside SD Climax (that's still a thing too, don't worry), and now it's finally time to unveil it to the public.

Anyone who has ever played a mainline Pokemon game knows how it goes: Beat four hard opponents in a row to win a prize. Of course, we've made a few twists in adapting this for Smash Bros. Here's how it works:

  • You must win four consecutive best of 3 sets, one against each Elite Four member
  • In Pokemon, you can't change your team. In SD's Elite Four, you're locked into one fighter for the whole challenge
  • The Elite Four member will be selecting any tournament-legal stage of their choice, starter or counterpick. Just like in Pokemon, you're fighting on their turf
  • Should you prevail, you'll be entered into a hall of fame and receive a $50 eShop gift card!

This challenge will be run on weekend evenings. One prize per weekend, I'm not Jeff Bezos

Stay tuned this coming week as we reveal the Elite Four members as well as some other surprises!

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