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Platinum Servers (AKA Awesome Servers)
OtakuOnsen OtakuOnsen
We are a new Discord community dedicated to anime & gaming! We love hearing from new members, just like you! Feel free to join us and make new friends!
/r/healsluts /r/healsluts
A gaming/BDSM community built around the "Healslut" Dom/sub dynamic. 5300+ members with a variety of channels.
UnOfficial /r/Witcher Discord UnOfficial /r/Witcher Discord
The UnOfficial /r/Witcher Discord made by the community for the community. Come here and talk with other fans of the series, while on your travels.
The Virus Domain of Wizardry The Virus Domain of Wizardry
An active and receptive domain to be part of if you are interested in gaming, anime-manga or other general fun things. ~Current Theme is Harry Potter! Git gud.
Lion Heart Gaming Lion Heart Gaming
LHG is a gaming community that runs on competition. This common interest is what makes us lions. We're hungry to win. Are you?
Exile Exile
A fun, friendly, mature community! For gamers & anime fans! Feel free to join us! Everybody is Welcome here ~ League Of Legends~ ~Overwatch~ Minecraft~ & More~!
Opium Pulses Opium Pulses
Partnered Discord Server for gamers seeking their new online family - We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour and bizarre personalities! Welcome!
The Midnight Gamer Community The Midnight Gamer Community
The Midnight Gamer is a site for gamers by gamers. This is YOUR community. Growing every day! Looking for a player 2? Join us for gaming chat and dank memes.
Team Space Dicks Team Space Dicks
A bunch of mentally atrophied little buttbuddies injecting various substances into their bloodstream to achieve immortality and manipulation of quantum forces.
Twilight Gamers Twilight Gamers
Cozy, friendly, fun and mature community! We host topics such as BDSM, Gaming, Anime, Roleplay and General Lewdness! We won't bite unless you want us to ;)!
Press Start Press Start
Press Start is for gamers to meet, discuss and generally have fun, with a mostly "anything goes" policy. We run weekly raffle style giveaways! Join & have fun!
Cats Cats
We are a growing gaming community what is looking for calm funny and dank people if this ticks your boxes please join now!
HellWarders Game HellWarders Game
Hellwarders is a upcoming action Tower Defense game were you fight against a demonic invasion. Use an army of defenders or devastating weapons.
Reckless Neighborhood Gaming Reckless Neighborhood Gaming
A community of 16+ PC gamer's. We even have pro teams for competitive games 1100+ Members, No Trolls! Great staff!
Fuzz Fuzz
A fun and new place to meet furries! Server may be NSFW so be warned! This server is a great place to make new friends!!
Sencha RolePlay Sencha RolePlay
Ready your sword, wand, or glomps! Sencha Life now providing a quality server to roleplay written scenarios, or hold your own custom sessions.
Sencha Support Sencha Support
Sencha Life's mental health support server - We're here for you.
Sencha Events Sencha Events
Sencha Life events, competitions, prizes, and game matchmaking! Get in it to win it!
Sencha Life Sencha Life
Sencha Life - The friendly & mature community. Neat presentation & organisation. Chillest music bots, hottest comps & prizes! Leave your edge at the door~
Exile Exile
A fun, friendly, mature community! For gamers & anime fans! Feel free to join us! Everybody is Welcome here ~ League Of Legends~ ~Overwatch~ Minecraft~ & More~!
Otaku Universe Otaku Universe
Just a place to chill. Talk about anime, games, confessions, lewd, fan arts, or just general chit chat. Weekly Movie Night, Gaming Night and Karaoke Night.
Anti-Anxiety Chillzone Anti-Anxiety Chillzone
Friendly server to discuss anxiety disorders such as OCD, GAD, Social, etc, as well as everyday anxiety. Follow the rules and no drama please . Stay chill :).
Fucking Joke Mate Fucking Joke Mate
Error 404 : No need description to join this awesome server (yes I know I'm bad at promoting).
Official discsord server of Elite Squad 9 gaming community with cod4 and cs:go servers. See for more info.
▞ NeetWorks °Д° ▚ ▞ NeetWorks °Д° ▚
A chill place for people that sit around all day. Games║Anime║MMOs║Coding║Art║Tech║Lot more! Remember to stock up on unhealthy snacks ⧕(゜д゜)⧔
League of Teemos League of Teemos
~ Casual | League of Legends | Community | Fun Bots | Chat | Gaming | LFG ~ Now with more than 700+ League Players!
Touhou Project Discord ☯ Touhou Project Discord ☯
The largest #1 Touhou Discord server [1900+ Members] Find matches for Soku 12.3, discuss Touhou games, fanworks, mangos, and stuff!
Aliens vs Predator [AVP] Aliens vs Predator [AVP]
A Discord server for Aliens vs Predator stuff and the games. Feel free to join! AVP2 | AVP Classic 2000 | AVP 2010 | Alien: Isolation
The People's Discord The People's Discord
A Discord for the people. Everyone has Admin. This is YOUR Discord.
The Astrology Lounge The Astrology Lounge
A friendly and social community centered around astrology. 13+, please.
Pokémon Village Pokémon Village
General Pokemon related conversation. We have rooms for Pokemon GO, WiFi battles, and more! Showdown Tournaments held every other week! Ages 16+ only.
The Scarlet Academy The Scarlet Academy
One of the biggest LGBT+ friendly gaming discord servers out there. Nearly daily events, including Karaoke and gaming events. Nearly 2K members. Join the fun!
Loquacious Heathens Loquacious Heathens
Being bored is a sickness with no vaccine, so to help get through it: meet cool people, play some games and talk at LH!
Alter Akiba - Anime/Gaming Alter Akiba - Anime/Gaming
Join us on talks about video games, anime, music, art and more! We have Music Bots and weekly events. Don't miss out!
After Midnight | Gamer Community After Midnight | Gamer Community
Super fun/friendly community looking to make friends. Our interests are mainly Anime(group watches), Games, Music and Art. No drama! Come hang out and have fun!
Hot Poofs Paradise (NSFW) Hot Poofs Paradise (NSFW)
We're a happy & enjoyable server with plenty of nsfw content to make your day brighter! Come join, lurk or make friends and fap/jill away!
The Drunken Lynx The Drunken Lynx
The Drunken Lynx is a 18+ light-hearted & tight-knit furry community that keeps out the typical furry bullshit/drama. We watch movies, chat, game, & more!
Army of Peeps Army of Peeps
A place for gamers and people to chill, don't worry, you'll still enjoy it even if you're not a gamer as we have other features in our server.
Swecan Swecan
Hi! I'm TristanI lead a small discord server I love it if you joined!, If you like Movies, Games, Anime, or even Music then give it a try.
Republic of Renegades Republic of Renegades
Republic of Renegades is an extremely laid-back server full of individuals who seek to make friends, share knowledge, play games, and have fun.
Lust Bastion Lust Bastion
join and talk to people or rp with people or enjoy some hentai/porn or listen to music or just do w/e extra link just in case
ProjectComment Chat ProjectComment Chat
A social and fun place to chat about art, projects and constructive comments, hosted by! Earn friends, not comments!
Brasil Brasil
Servidor para brasileiros jogarem juntos, trocarem uma ideia, fazerem amizades, em suma, socializar.
Future Foundation Future Foundation
A new public server currently in development. Feel free to join us while we're still at work~
GamingFM GamingFM
Seit 2013 auf Steam im Amt vor kurzem auf Discord gewechselt. Nur zu 110% verrückt. Versprochen...nein, wirklich! Ich mein's voll Ernte.