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Platinum Servers (AKA Awesome Servers)
Opium Pulses Opium Pulses
Partnered Discord Server for gamers seeking their new online family - We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour and bizarre personalities! Welcome!
Grand Gaming Community Grand Gaming Community
The 18+ gaming community. A friendly, well moderated environment for the mature gamer.
FunCo FunCo
FunCo is a small and simple server with one goal in mind; to create a fun and friendly environment for people to game, chat, and watch movies with others.
Chaotic Innovator Chaotic Innovator
Place where you can discuss gaming news, critique video games etc. Two of the main game focuses are Fallout and The Elder Scrolls.
Japanties Japanties
A fun, friendly, mature community! For gamers & anime fans! Feel free to join us! Everybody is Welcome here ~ League Of Legends~ ~Overwatch~ & More~!
Otaku-Sammelstelle Otaku-Sammelstelle
Ein Deutscher Server mit Gaming und vielen Emojis =) wir haben auch Hentaichannel und alles was das Otaku Herz begehrt. English People are welcome too.
Rocket League World Rocket League World
Welcome to Rocket League World! 500+ members - use this community to meet players, look for teammates/tournaments.
chill;zone ♡ chill;zone ♡
Place to chill, hangout have fun. We also have a chat to vent if you need to let out some steam :P oh and 3 dedicated music bots :)
Re:Zero Re:Zero
A fun, loving community for anyone looking to make new friends! Our interests revolve around talking, anime, and gaming. ~Overwatch ~LoL ~MMOs
Infirmary Gaming Community Infirmary Gaming Community
Giveaways! Professional Mods! Game nights! Find new friends to game with in a well managed community !
Reckless Neighborhood Gaming Reckless Neighborhood Gaming
A community of 16+ PC gamer's. We even have pro teams for competitive games 1100+ Members, No Trolls! Great staff!
The Scarlet Academy The Scarlet Academy
One of the biggest LGBT+ friendly gaming discord servers. Nearly daily events, including Karaoke, gaming events & GIVEAWAYS. 2.4k+ users, come join the fun!
OtakuOnsen OtakuOnsen
A Discord community dedicated to anime & gaming! Weekly gaming and movie/anime events!
Lewdsona Lewdsona
Join the Phantom Thieves in their adventure to steal all the panties.
Code Monkeys Code Monkeys
A friendly community with over 1200 members for programmers and enthusiasts to converse. Learning, teaching, and such is welcome and encouraged!
rewind.™ rewind.™
Cryoshell & Bionicle Cryoshell & Bionicle
This hub is for anyone who craves for the nostalgic flare of the LEGO Bionicle franchise and the band Cryoshell.
Plastic Plastic
No fucks given here [Active Voice Channel]
Woofle House - Furry Discord Woofle House - Furry Discord
New furry server for creators and/or people who just want to chat! Looking for active members :P
League of Teemos League of Teemos
~ Casual | League of Legends | Community | Fun Bots | Chat | Gaming | LFG ~ Now with more than 1500+ League Players!
Uncensored Politics Uncensored Politics
UP is the largest political Discord containing people with many different political perspectives. We don't discriminate. Everyone is welcome!
Brasil Brasil
Servidor para brasileiros jogarem juntos, trocarem uma ideia, fazerem amizades, em suma, socializar.
NGNL - Anime and Gaming NGNL - Anime and Gaming
Largest, most active, and fastest growing anime server. Weekly Gaming & Streaming events, live radios, unique role system based on challenges and more!
The Drunken Lynx The Drunken Lynx
The Drunken Lynx is a 18+ tight-knit furry community that keeps out the typical bullshit & drama. We text/voice chat, game, watch movies and more!
Touhou Project Discord ☯ Touhou Project Discord ☯
The largest #1 Touhou Discord server [1900+ Members] Find matches for Soku 12.3, discuss Touhou games, fanworks, mangos, and stuff!
Aliens vs Predator [AVP] Aliens vs Predator [AVP]
A Discord server for Aliens vs Predator stuff and the games. Feel free to join! AVP2 | AVP Classic 2000 | AVP 2010 | Alien: Isolation
▞ NeetWorks °Д° ▚ ▞ NeetWorks °Д° ▚
A chill place for people that sit around all day. Games║Anime║MMOs║Coding║Art║Tech║Lot more! Remember to stock up on unhealthy snacks ⧕(゜д゜)⧔
Hentai House Hentai House
A server dedicated to hentai and general weeb-ness. Be a cool person and you'll do just fine.
The People's Discord The People's Discord
A Discord for the people. Everyone has Admin. This is YOUR Discord.
Bagel Bagel
Hi we're a 4chan/8chan centric server for hanging out. Talk about video games or music or ect. the rules are pretty lax. Sometimes we do rabbit streams, 18+
Café Puri Café Puri
We're a new and friendly community, always willing to make new friends! Feel free to join, we don't bite. :)
Couch Furs Couch Furs
[SFW] Welcome to Couch Furs, a social furry server! where like minded furs (and non-furs) can get together share art, memes, play games, RP, or just hang out!
DangerNoodles DangerNoodles
Hi! We're a brand new server looking for new friends. All types are welcome!
League LFG League LFG
A League of Legends Discord server dedicated to finding duos or groups for any game mode. Still growing, new channels and roles will be added as we grow!
Mobula Sphere Mobula Sphere
A server made by some friends. We are looking for people to both talk with and play games. We play quite a few games, Ussaly shooters, Space Sandbox & MMO's.
Anime & Gaming Anime & Gaming
Anime & Gaming is your one stop lounge on everything from the latest games to conversations about anime, movies and more.
RedditsLostMemes Gamling RedditsLostMemes Gamling
Join our meme server, We have a gambling channel where you can play with in-game credits and earn FREE real money/gift cards.
Monster Hunter Community Monster Hunter Community
A gathering hall for all types of hunters in Capcom's Monster Hunter series of video games.
Re:Legend Community Re:Legend Community
Re:Legend is a monster raising focused JRPG developed by Magnus Games with features such as farming, fishing, crafting, village building, multiplayer and more!
Eugaea Eugaea
Our virtual haven! Small server seeking new friends. Come to us that we may love, laugh, and play together! All are welcome. ♥
Online VAs United Online VAs United
Discord server for professional Voice actors or aspiring voice actors. Discord for artist, youtuber creators needing voices.
18+ Lewdie Cuties 18+ Lewdie Cuties
This is a chat for 18+ people who wanna talk about anything. It can be lewd, crude, and socially unacceptable! As long as its not rude!
Geek Mesa Geek Mesa
A community of gamers who enjoy having fun in and out of games. Come join us!
Disco Dodgeball Disco Dodgeball
The official Discord server for the fast paced casual FPS game Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball. You are welcome to join even if you don't have the game :)
Elysium STE Elysium STE
This is the Official Discord of the Elysium STE Organization as part of the Star Citizen Community.
Sundry Gaming Sundry Gaming
Sundry Gaming is a variety gaming community. We accept all types of people from all over the world, and offer a place to hang out, chat, and play.
A brand new Discord server that is a place to chill with people that have various interests. We mostly focus on music, anime, games and T.V. shows!