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Platinum Servers (AKA Awesome Servers)
Origin Origin
Origin is a community server that is striving to create a unique and open type of atmosphere for all kinds of Discord users. Join today and check it out!
We have friendly atmosphere and fun members! We also do at least 2 events a week. If you're looking for a fun time join CBA :]!! *Not a roleplay server*
FunCo FunCo
FunCo is a small and simple server with one goal in mind; to create a fun and friendly environment for people to game, chat, and watch movies with others.
Hack a Life Hack a Life
Hack a life is a community centered around hacking, coding, and other computer science related topics.
Paradise Paradise
A place for any and every topic! NSFW friendly, frequent events, gaming, chatting, etc. Join for weird people and fun interactions.
L L A M A-|- G A N G L L A M A-|- G A N G
A shitpost server for all your gaming, anime, and memeing needs. A pretty chill staff and pretty chill members who rarely ever give a fuck or get offended.
Steamship Steamship
Fun and interactive place to find other gamers, if you're looking for like-minded gamers, you are in the right place. Welcome to the Steamship community!
Typology Typology
MBTI, Enneagram, personality theory, & psychology. Request your type when you enter or take a test/get typed by those who have learned it.
Lewd Neko Haven Lewd Neko Haven
A Server For Both Lewd And NonLewd People! Casual Talking is Allowed All Neko And Neko Lovers Are Welcome Nya~ We Are A New Server And Hope We Can Grow Big!!!
Otaku Outrage Otaku Outrage
A miraculous anime server filled with otakus and joyous members. We have many different discussions and warmly welcome each and every one of you!
#TeamPachi #TeamPachi
We accept everybody Go #TeamPachi! We're a crazy group of people starting up a joint YT channel soon! Come join us for games (casual and comp!) and more! ~<3
Dungeon Slimes Dungeon Slimes
A social Discord community. Our interests include slimes, Dungeons and Dragons, and more! A great place to just chill and chat. Help grow our community!
The Lewd Souls The Lewd Souls
Cummies as currency - 2 gaming giveaways a week - PC giveaway - Movie/Anime Nights - Events / VC Events - Lewds - Licks & everything else! Come check it out.
OtakuOnsen OtakuOnsen
A Discord community dedicated to anime & gaming! Weekly movie and anime events!
Anime Ga Daisuki Anime Ga Daisuki
Hey! Do you like Anime, K pop, Drawing, or Karaoke? Then you will love our 700+ member discord. Come join our friendly tight knit community :D!

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