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Platinum Servers (AKA Awesome Servers)
The Scarlet Academy The Scarlet Academy
One of the biggest LGBT+ friendly gaming discord servers. Nearly daily events, including Karaoke, gaming events & GIVEAWAYS. 2.4k+ users, come join the fun!
KrueTV KrueTV
The quickest growing server for people who love music. But we keep that small fam kinda vibe :P, always.
@channel @channel
A Steins;Gate based community that discusses a wide variety of anime, manga, games, art and general chit-chat. Fun weekly events. (karaoke, movie night, etc.)
NGNL - Anime and Gaming NGNL - Anime and Gaming
Largest, most active, and fastest growing anime server. Weekly Gaming & Streaming events, live radios, unique role system based on challenges and more!
Immortal Immortal
We're a social discord based around anime, gaming, music, and much more.
Infirmary Gaming Community Infirmary Gaming Community
Giveaways! Professional Mods! Game nights! Find new friends to game with in a well managed community !
The Midnight Gamer Community The Midnight Gamer Community
The Midnight Gamer is a site for gamers by gamers. This is YOUR community. Growing every day! Looking for a player 2? Join us for gaming chat and dank memes.
FunCo FunCo
FunCo is a small and simple server with one goal in mind; to create a fun and friendly environment for people to game, chat, and watch movies with others.
The Virus Domain The Virus Domain
An active and receptive domain! Join if you are interested in gaming, anime-manga or other general fun things. Choose your new Mafia themed faction ~Git Gud!
chill;zone ♡ chill;zone ♡
Place to chill, hangout have fun. We also have a chat to vent if you need to let out some steam :P oh and 3 dedicated music bots :)
Reckless Neighborhood Gaming Reckless Neighborhood Gaming
A community of 16+ PC gamer's. We even have pro teams for competitive games 1100+ Members, No Trolls! Great staff!
Team Space Dicks Team Space Dicks
A bunch of mentally atrophied little buttbuddies injecting various substances into their bloodstream to achieve immortality and manipulation of quantum forces.
Exile Exile
A fun, friendly, mature community! For gamers & anime fans! Feel free to join us! Everybody is Welcome here ~ League Of Legends~ ~Overwatch~ Minecraft~ & More~!
Press Start Press Start
Press Start is for gamers to meet, discuss and generally have fun, with a mostly "anything goes" policy. We run weekly raffle style giveaways! Join & have fun!
My Anime Chat My Anime Chat
A fun, community based server where you can discuss all the anime/manga/light novels to your hearts content, or even just talk about your day. We don't mind!

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