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Recently Bumped Servers
Platinum Servers (AKA Awesome Servers)
Proper Retarded Proper Retarded
A place for everyone, including the dankest of memers.
The Chill Hangout The Chill Hangout
Chilling community for all types including gamers and anime lovers. Along with music and memes, we have gaming nights, movie nights and more events. Come chill.
Japanties Japanties
A fun, friendly, mature community! For gamers & anime fans! Feel free to join us! Everybody is Welcome here ~ League Of Legends~ ~Overwatch~ & More~!
Waifu Worshipping Waifu Worshipping
18 + | Celebrating 1 Year of Waifu Worshipping with loads of giveaways and new updates! Join up, be lewd, worship your waifus~
Life Needs a Little Sin Life Needs a Little Sin
The largest Girls Only Club... where boys can join on Discord. Join us for talks about Anime, Games, Manga, Visual Novels, and, general cute stuff.
Quantum Labs Quantum Labs
Official Discord Partner! We are a relaxed, tight-knit community where we play video games and discuss the latest trending topics. 3700+ members.
Minecraft Minecraft
Join the largesst Minecraft Discord on the planet! Talk about anything and all things Minecraft!
The Neko Cafe - Anime & Gaming The Neko Cafe - Anime & Gaming
TNC is a active,friendly & loving community full of gamers & anime lovers a like with weekly & monthly events. come check us out!! we welcome everyone :3
Animouto Animouto
Unique anime community focused on member promotion & socialization that will offer entertaining events, a monthly magazine, and an experience unlike any other!
OwO Gang OwO Gang
Join us to talk about anime, video games, music, art and much more! We have our own hosted Tohru and Renge bots. Don't miss out!
Nightfall in Darus 3.0 Nightfall in Darus 3.0
A social, open discord server, that is mostly furries, however, is willing to accept non-furs as well! We also are a bunch of gamers too! Come join us!
Team Space Dicks Team Space Dicks
A bunch of celestial fathers injecting various substances into their bloodstream to achieve immortality and manipulation of quantum forces.
Singles R'us (18+) Singles R'us (18+)
A place where all are welcome! Singles that are here and already mingling! We have a music bot, emotes, NSFW, etc. Everything you can ask for!
Anime Club Anime Club
Anime Server for all! We play almost any game, tell stories, discuss anime, and more! Full leveling system included, the more you talk, the higher the rank!
Anime Hell Anime Hell
We are a large Anime & Gaming server that focuses growing a strong community. We offer a variety of channels such as NSFW, Memes, Giveaways and more.

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