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An advertising server where you can list all your various discord servers, advertising platforms, streaming platforms and social networks
AYB is the official Bot list of Advertise Your Server. With many growth dedicated features as well as a lot of exposure we can help you grow and develop your bot! We offer round the clock support as well as tips and tricks as well as a place to find bots for your server!
This server is for people who love the pokécord discord bot. Here we have many different activities revolving around this bot including tournaments and giveaways. We also have gyms that can be challenged. If you like pokémon and pokécord and have been looking for a server based around said bot then I highly recommend you join this server ASAP. English Only
Fun place to hang and chill and promote
⚠️DEAD SERVER ALERT⚠️ Welcome to 🄳🄴🅅🄸🄻🅂' 🄷🄰🄽🄶🄾🅄🅃! This is a well setup server, just verify when you join the server! https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/626201076856651776/645387248165978155/Screenshot_2019-11-16_at_5.17.31_PM.png?width=182&height=32 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/626201076856651776/645387244093308968/Screenshot_2019-11-16_at_5.17.41_PM.png?width=339&height=143 Go to the link above to see how to do the verification! So join today!
Official Scrumpy Development Server.
Join the Delta official support server now!
Chatting server that features an AI chat bot.
A welcoming community of anime/game lovers that is looking to become more active. We've got a lot of bots to play around with and are very open to suggestions. Please feel free to join and hang out with us!
A simple Music Server, with disabled & enabled microphone voice channels. We have a variety of music bots so you can choose your favourite and listen alone or with others. So why not add only 1 more server to your server list by joining and gain the benefits of easy-to-use music listening.
Software development service.
Hikage is a discord bot I made as a learning project, this is the Hikage server where you can ask questions, give feedback/ideas and mess about with the bot
Open source Bot Project - Discord Bot Listing!!! https://www.sharemybot.com/
Nonsense is a sorta chill / hang out place with cool people i guess. We're pretty chill, have relaxed rules and a custom xp bot that isn't over the top. If you're interested, check it out.
esse é um servidor de Apocalypse Rising, do Roblox
This is the game server associated with the SAMP.
༄ Welcome to Breadland, a fun, small, friendly server full of amazing and caring staff! Here is what Breadland has to offer: ⟼ Friendly and kind staff members! ⟼ A Minecraft server! ⟼ Many interactive bots, such as Pokécord, Mantaro and many more! ⟼ LGBTQ+ friendly! ⟼ Many channels and a variety of topics! ⟼ Open for partnership! ⟼ A generally safe and welcoming space for everyone ♡ ⟼ Daily questions! If you ever have any questions, our staff are more then welcome to answer them! → Founded 06/11/2019 ♡
A Discord server for ducks.
Paradøx and TeXit are two great bots for Discord. Paradøx is a multipurpose bot aimed at server moderation and utility; TeXit is a bot aimed at rendering LaTeX, a typesetting language for mathematics and much more. We have an incredibly friendly community that are capable of helping with any maths related problems.
LBGT DutchServer DutchDiscord dutch discord server sesamstraat
👟Copped Squad's Discord is now open to the public! 👟 ⚡️Best Monitors! (Supreme, Shopify and many more.) 🔧 Useful tools included in the server. 🎟 Direct links to raffles. 🔗 Early links. 🆓 Giveaways! 🔜 More features coming very soon! 👇Join now for early access👇
The Underground is a WIP RP Server based around the criminal underworld with a twist! looking for staff read the description!
Seja muito bem vindo(a) ao Discord do Production Roleplay Feito por gamer - para gamers com Amor e carinho! Fouder: </s4ntos>#7523
Originally made in 2017, its intent is to connect various bot economies with other bots in order to facilitate growth between bots. Are you a bot developer? Join Discord's premier cross-bot currency exchange API now!
Zieh dir deine Kopfhörer an und dreh voll auf. Das ist ein Server für Musikliebhaber, du bist herzlich eingeladen <3
Bot | Meme
Hello! We are Dank Memer Central. We are an unofficial server directed to Dank Memer, a funny and multipurpose discord bot.
We are a server that can provide discord bots but we are mostly focused on support with discord bots! Apply or join now to be able to get support with any discord bot To apply for staff join to get support join NO verification needed!
The Chill Has Rised Once Again. Hey Come Join My chilling sever! This Sever Had Pokecord. Aki. And More You Can Make Many Friends. What Are you Waiting For! Join Now!!!! https://discord.gg/4cUPJVv ~Welcome to Rise Of The Chill~ ◈。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。° We're here to chill and have a Great Time Here ◈。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。° We Include Things Like: Chilling Playing gaming Chill Music ◈。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。°。° :heart:Everyone is welcome here:heart: Link: https://discord.gg/7fU2Qzq
This is the place if you love to spam as much as we do.
Pokemon league based server. Galarian league style!
A showcase of your favorite Discord bots, all in one, easy-to-find location.
Fluxpoint Development is a community focused server for developers, gamers and anime nerds that enjoy doing what we love. We provide many Discord services including high-quality bots, windows apps and an api/gallery for other bot developers to use.
Cheap instagram and youtube botting service!