WE Design is one of the largest Discord server for creative work (Graphic Design, Programming, Art, etc.)! We offer a friendly community where people of all skill levels can come together. We also offer an marketplace for our members, as well as a place where you can advertise your own work and where you can give and receive feedback.
Community for artists by artists. Critique the work to get better at the craft. Sharing free resources to grow together. Ages 16+
Community focused on connecting artistic creators together. Painters, sculptors, animators, digital artists, and others to collaborate, share and explore!
Share your datapacks and other minecraft projects, the best creations will be featured in the #announcement channel ✨
The Art Club is a community of artists that are all in a similar field. Whether you're painting a canvas, sitting in-front of technology or strutting your stuff across the dance floor, we want you!
A Web Design & System Administration Discord Server. Get Help, Give Help. Share.
https://OnBoardHost.com - Professional Website Hosting.
LewieDesigns is the handle of a freelance Discord server designer called Lewie! LewieDesigns specialise in premium quality Discord servers and advertising through Twitter and Reddit, as well as on this server.
A friendly place for Roblox developers to help each other with Scripting and Modeling, Hire or Join other developers, Get feedback on your creations, and just regular chatting with some developers!
> https://discord.gg/EZ6gH7h < Tu cherches un serveur où tu pourras améliorer tes créations ? J'ai ce qu'il te faut ➡️ 🖌️ La Brush'Academy 🖌️ Un espace dédié à l'art et à l'enseignement 📚 Des professeurs experts en leur domaine de par leurs études, prêts à t'aider afin que tu deviennes le meilleur 🏅 Des cours en vidéo pouvant accueillir plusieurs élèves en même temps 🖥️ Différents salons selon ta spécialisation (2D, 3D...) 🎨 Un portfolio où tu pourras déposer tes créations à la vue de tous et recevoir des avis constructifs 📑
Static Space is a community for artists, designers, musicians etc where we share our work and inspire each other.
1er serveur Discord francophone regroupant tous types d'art. Rejoignez-nous !
This server is a developing based community for any developers who are interested in making games. Right now were working on a "vibe" type game and maybe some showcases.
| Art | 800+ | Cartoons | Anime | NSFW | Events | Giveaways | Pokémon | Memes | History |
A fun server, for socializing, and art sharing! We do weekly art challenges, and generally just have a good time motivating each other! Make sure to accept the rules, and set your roles when you join! ^-^
Best Software / Games Development Community! OOF xD
DoorHallGames Discord server! In here there will be devloping competitions with team hall vs team door! each team will need to design / develop something within a time limit! Please Join And Enjoy Our Server!
Don’t miss the fun happening at Club Brick! Currently at 500 members and growing fast! Join us for: ▫️LEGO fan chat ▫️MOC sharing ▫️Buy/sell/trade ▫️LEGO ideas promotion ▫️LEGO emotes ▫️Popular LEGO page feed ▫️Vendor deals/discounts And much more!
Creative Place for Musicians, Digital Artists, Game Developers, Programmers and Writers.
**__Parker Designs__** Welcome to Parker Designs! Parker Designs is a place you can get Logos ( Other Graphics ),GTA Skins, GTA Models, We are still building this server up so its kind of inactive but we got some things for sale for y'all!! __**we are looking for Developers that can do these jobs:**__ - Texture Developer - Vehicle Developer - Script Developers for GTA / Bots / Other Scripts - Logo / Graphics Designers - Map Developers for GTA - Asset Developers - EUP Developers we are also looking for better staff / Support Members that can help make this Server better and bring new good things to the server. we also do Giveaways / Special Events, ETC. **__we also give a lot of cool things to Server Boosters such as__** - Nitro Booster role - 5% off your next purchase - 1 FREE item made by Parker - Nitro Booster self Promo Channel Access - Early access to videos and content
Welcome to Foxtail Studios - A web-design corporation based in Canton, Ohio
Want to learn how to code, need help with coding, or just want to hang out? Join Scripting Lounge, the friendliest ROBLOX Scripting community!
welcome to furry emporium where you can commission your fursonas your fursuit or in general have fun! when you join please read the rules and have a good time :^)
◆ About Us ◆ -|We are a community whit awesome developers that build 2D and 3D Games, We support games and developers whit the work. ❑ What we offer ❑ -|Music -|Voice Channels -|Channel Setting's -|Developer Rank's -|Events -|Subscriptions -|Game Advertisement -|Application's -|Help Channel's ⦿ Company ⦿ -|𝐑𝐚𝐱 𝐌𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐚™
Intro/Thumbnail/Outro/End-Card/Profile Picture Shop. This server is useful because you can get all the designs you need for your YouTube channel or Twitch channel for free! All you have to do is invite people to the server. For each person that joins through your invite, that's a Thumbnail! 3 joins is a Profile Picture/Logo, 5 joins is an End Card, 7 joins is an Intro! Or, you could take the easy route and purchase these upfront. 1 Dollar for a Thumbnail 3 Dollars for a Profile Picture/Logo 4 Dollars for an End Card 6 Dollars for an Intro
O Condado Braveheart é uma comunidade de desenvolvimento de jogos e criações artísticas do website: https://condadobraveheart.com que possui um servidor de Discord. Aqui você pode mostrar seus projetos, pedir feedback, responder dúvidas, participar de eventos e muito mais!
A Design Community That’s Waiting For You
Graphic Designs related server. Play games, share designs and buy designs.
Le CNED V2, serveur spécial Coronavirus! Il y a des profs et des élèves tout ce qu'il faut pour avoir un futur. Des profs trop chauds pour vous enseigner.
Magnetic Realm is a gaming and graphics discord server that is the ideal place to chill and have talk to your bro’s.
Hyperkani | Community Réouvert depuis le 16 Mars 2020 à 18h00 Ce Discord communautaire est fait pour faire des rencontres et s'amuser. - Une équipe de modération présente et toujours là pour vous aider ! - Une communauté plus ou moins active pour le moment ! - Elle ré ouvre ses portes suite à une longue fermeture. -Une équipe d'animation pour animer le serveur avec des GiveAways des concours pour gagner pleins de lots comme des comptes Netflix , Spotify ou même Minecraft . -Des énigmes seront proposées avec récompenses a la clé . -Un Bot Radio Non-Stop -D'autres choses arrivent prochainement suivant les propositions que nous recevons de la communauté
Request video to be made, or apply to become apart of the production team!
Share paper airplane ideas with fellow server members and be apart of making even cooler ones.
Get Some Free Discord Bots.
We are a server based on Learning, creating and talking about all kinds of art. Please read the rules, and have a great time.