Tired of playing with bad players? Join our Warzone LFG server! All player's kds are verified through our bot. Our Warzone LFG server is always improving and adding features daily.
Tired of playing with bad players? Join our Warzone LFG server! All player's kds are verified through our bot. Our Warzone LFG server is always improving and adding features daily.
Over 200 people in the community, Growing everyday. We squad up, the community asks, we create a guide or series for you if it’s a good question. Most motivated, dedicated content creators forming together to develop the next best team.
Welcome to the Nintendo Switch discord! A community of gamers who have a interest for Nintendo Switch! Exchange friend codes and more!
Un espace de détente où règne une atmosphère gaming. Retrouvez ici la liste des meilleurs serveurs de jeux vidéo Français. Venez demander votre rôle avec un salon privé vous permettant de représenter votre team et avoir un accès personnalisé pour discuter et jouer avec vos amis en toute tranquillité.
The time has come for conflict to reign supreme! It is time to battle for ultimate supremacy! It is time... for the EMD Pokémon League! Muster your courage! Assemble your team! Prepare to claim the title of the EMD Pokémon League Champion! Compete against other trainers and earn your badges against Gym Leaders and challenge the Elite Four to earn the right to fight the Champion! The battle for ultimate bragging rights begins now! Win fabulous giveaway prizes! Compete in special holiday tournaments! And take on the Champion’s Cup! Come join the EMD Pokémon League! (League will take place in the Sword/Shield games. Fabulousness of prizes is subjective.) This server is a spinoff of Eevee's Mystery Dungeon.
A server perfectly designed to play esports tournaments of many video games and receive prizes!
Brand new @PlayApex #discordserver! Come have fun with fellow legends. Look at stats with @ApexLegendsBot. A channel dedicated to your platform when looking for a group. You can even stream and show off you best shots.
Welcome to Kaon Gaming! We're a brand new Call of Duty server for all consoles/PC and we want to create a community where we play COD (casual and competitive) and discuss the latest news. We will be hosting 8s/10s and will be providing the space for you guys to play Gunfight, Warzone, and any game mode. Everyone is welcomed to our server and be sure to invite your friends!
Call of Duty Warzone LFG for ASIA Community
Welcome to Paradise! We are a relaxed gaming server focusing on supporting our community in their endeavors. Be it Art, Music, Programming, Gaming, and eSports. We are Building a drama-free inclusive environment for you to come and relax in. Join Now!
comunidade focada em call of duty warzone
TBT's Community Discord server is FUT 20 based. There you can find trading, investing, sniping filters, squad buildings, player reviews, TOTW & MM predictions and many other sections. The owner of the server is an experienced FUT Trader and also gives trading & investing tips. The server is currently populated with 1400+ members and we are looking for more friendly and active people to join and help each others! ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebultrader ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/thebultrader ● Discord: discord.gg/zYmWVGu
Inclusive server filled with friendly people :) We're a tight knit community too and we have daily vcs when we game together. Occasionally, we do have meetups as well (if you happen to live in Singapore) So what are you waiting for? Feel free to pop by and say hi! ***This is a server run by gamers for gamers***
~Chill Atmosphere~ 13-18 Only please ~Online date or find a best friend~ ~bots~ ~Self roles~ ~Non toxic community~ ~Everyone welcome~ Find your soulmate or a best friend! ENVA is a new chilling server made single handed looking for staff. Show us some support by bumping my server!
The GLO is a tournament hosting and streaming platform bringing you rewarding tournaments on a daily basis. It's a joint venture between Ice Force eSports and Tactical Banditry aiming towards a bigger variety in the tournament scene to take on the big players like ESL.
Got nowhere to compete or play smash because of Coronavirus? Look no further because SnR is the best place for you! What we offer: -6600+ members -The largest smash community server on discord! -An active community welcoming to all! -24/7 Global Matchmaking -The biggest tournament smash server on discord! -Free to enter online tournaments with cash prizes every week! -An academy dedicated to improving your smash skills! -Tutors for Smash Ultimate and schoolwork! Come join SnR today!
A community for competitive Crossy Road players. Share knowledge and compete in tournaments!
CSGO matchmaking, GTA V money drop Fortnite
New WarZone TeamFinder Looking For player. We are a Server with 139+ players all looking to play. Staff Applications are open.. !!!Join Today!!!
A Discord made for gamers who are searching for people who like playing Through
We host weekly epic snails tournaments! don't miss out!
Servidor do Nosso servidor!! IP: AyzuMC.enxada.host
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Creators of RuneScape Gambling Since 2011, Gambling, commission staking, sports betting, Gp Swapping. 2 TWISTED BOW RAFFLES GOING ON NOW!!! JOIN FOR DETAILS.
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Somos novos e queremos crescer nosso servidor, temos um time, chame qualquer um que esteja on para jogar com você, temos opções de lanes, e vários cargos, queremos ser o maior servidor de LOL do Brasil, contamos com vocês para realizarmos esse sonho.
The Urban Terror community discord server. "Where Quake Meets Reality" Urban Terror is a free multiplayer first person shooter, that will run on any idtech3 compatible engine. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Read more about the game on its wiki page: https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Urban_Terror Join its awesome community, developers and players in regular events, daily pickup games and chats.
Small discord server primarily focused on games such as Brawlhalla, TF2, and any other games you would like to suggest!
Comunidad hispana de COD WARZONE! https://discord.gg/KDk4vkk
Salas casuais, competitivas, sorteios, parceria com streamers e muito mais!
Rainbow Six Siege server for finding 5 stacks
Wie sind alle gay und haben spaß :D Wir bieten euch: 🔸 Einen aktiven Server 🔸 Ein Levelsystem 🔸 Viele verschiedene Bots 🔸 Ein Freundliches Serverteam (GAY :D) 🔸 Sprach Channel zum selber erstellten und verwalten
Magyar Apex Legends Discord (APEX HUN) - 1500+ tag / Átlag 300+ online - PC/Origin, Playstation, XBOX - Szintalapú csapatkereső - Hírek, Frissítések - Stream megosztás - Klán kereső, versenyek - Nyereményjáték Csatlakozz hozzánk és találkozzunk online! https://discord.gg/NbtYjJ8
Ring Of Elysium Discord (ROE HUN) - Csapatkereső - Hírek, Frissítések - Stream megosztás - Youtube megosztás - Referral kód csere Csatlakozz hozzánk és találkozzunk online! https://discord.gg/TsjTd2g
Nintendo & Switch eSports & Cooperative gaming in Calgary, and online. A Calgary based online community of gamers & game developers with a strong drive for self-improvement, both in- and out of the gamespace.