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Server noch im Aufbau - actual under construction -
A fitness social platform, dedicated in helping motivate members with their goals. Also, provides help, advice and insightful information about diet plans, gym schedule, workout routine and much more. Members and staff give great advice to everyone. You can ask questions and help others. They take time to help you. Sometimes events are organised to help you eat healthier for example.
Geocaching in Maine USA!
Hier slopen we samen Pokemon, delen we quests en spawns, en praten we over alles dat ook maar een beetje Pokemon (GO) gerelateerd is.
The (unofficial) Freeze Tag inc. Discord Server!
Welcome to Dharma Island. A strange little place where all are welcome. Lovers of all sci-fi, tv, movies and games. All levels of nerdiness aare welcome in this Geekdom.
Join this server join to join we will help you NEW!
The Guild Hall, Headquarters, and Barracks for Knights of The Order of Muscle & Magicka A place where paladins who hail from the Twitch stream OR the YouTube channel to gather, break bread, commune, sharpen and support one another, and embolden each other in brotherhood and righteousness toward the common goal of assailing the forces of Bro-magic with renewed strength and vigor, and spreading the light of Muscle & Magicka wherever there is darkness!
gelseneze lao
Walla walla!
Flagstack main server!
Unofficial r/bodybuilding server. All lifters welcome!
Global Geocaching Discord!
CBD discussion server!
The best place to talk fitness, gym and fkn aesthetics. U mirin?
Any sporting hobbies? Want new friends? This server will be perfect for you, talking about sports and hobbies at any time you like! -Football, Rugby, Cycling and more! -Reliable moderation system. -Happy to help staff.
a server for all people of fitness you are trying to gain 10lb to build muscle join trying to lose 10lb join
We have the best combat sport memes & discussion. What more to say?
Just a server dedicated more to people that both use Discord and are actively interested in the various forms of exercise. (Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Crossfit, you name it!) Beginners, seasoned lifters, marathon runners, all those types are welcome! Just come on in and see if you like it here.
If you want to become more stylish, this server is for you. We have a wide variety of members and we can help educate you on men's style. Already well versed? Let's just talk, then!
Hi this is a server for saiyan worriors who enjoy video games, fitness, memes and fun times. We talk about fitness like recommendations and exercises to try out. Video game speedrunning and casual plays. Sarcasm is highly appreciated.
A server for lifters, by lifters. Adult (18+), queer friendly, and open to everyone. Focused on being a positive environment for beginning and advanced lifters. Share your successes and your struggles, check your form, access research and information, and get focused. We are not a fetish server. We do not condone the sexualizing of our members.
Interested in fitness? Gym veteran or Gym newbie? Want to meet new people to motivate you to reach your fitness goals, whilst still having fun? Well Scuffed Gainz is PERFECT for you! we are a fitness community where all are welcome, with: - Dedicated channels - Active staff always willing to answer questions to there best ability - Custom roles - Meme and NSFW chats - Silent Music rooms - Non Toxic Members Join today to add to our growing shredded community!
Hello this is a server that I made that is all about the vast amount of different ways of fitness. If you are into fitness in anyway and want to join a place where like minded people can talk and discuss about the way they do it then feel free to join.
On this server, you can discuss all aspects of dieting, including weight loss, fitness, and general self-care. We also have dedicated discussion channels for the most popular diets. Join us at the following link!
This is a Political and overall Fascist like discord. /pol/ We don't do raids here and keep everything clean.
Super fun minecraft slimefun survival server! Awesome community with helpfull staff! 24/7 Fun!
You didn't join the real and active Official Fitness Server on Discord yet?? Advice on routine and posture advice, motivate each other, awesome stories, feels, food pics recipes and diet checks, fasting, etc. Self improvement, nofap, powerlifting, fraud (steroids), martial arts, current body thread, injury prevention, etc. We also have some fun channels like memes. For those who want more adventure, we have a contest: post a pic in begin of the month, and one at the end. Then users vote and the winner gets prize money! We accept people from all fitness levels: fat, average or athletic. As long as you are encouraging and motivating you are most welcome! Fitness gym swole fit
A community with the purpose of helping each other improve our Self-Discipline, so we can be more independent and mentally stronger to deal with Life's Problems.
Weight-loss, health, and fitness. 15-plus.
Get fitness tips on daily routine, diets and exercises and get rid of excess fat that you won't get back. If you do not want to go to a lean diet extreme and have a busy schedule and cannot work out for long and still want to genuinely lose weight then join us.
This is a Political and overall Fascist like discord. /pol/ We don't do raids here and keep everything clean.
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