Servidor voltado para conversação e aprendizagem de idiomas. Ainda em desenvolvimento, nesse server existe conteúdos em Japonês e Inglês!
A cosy and friendly server for those who are learning Russian. We are heavily focused on learning, teaching and speaking Russian. - 4000+ members - serious server focused on learning (casual learners are welcome too) - a helpful community of native speakers and other learners - interesting events - a frequently updated channel with a lot of useful resources and materials - activities to practise Russian
Welcome to LINGUAHOLIC. This is the place where language enthusiasts from all over the world meet to discuss and study languages together. + LANGUAGE ROOMS FOR ALL LANGUAGES + CUSTOM ROLES + NICE LANGUAGE-RELATED RANKS + VERY FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT + CONNECTED TO A LARGE LANGUAGE LEARNING FORUM & BLOG ( Join the tribe! We are waiting for you! One Love Lingua
Trying to Get 25 people In This Discord So I Can Prove My Friends Wrong!
Coronavirus, 3D printing, AI, DMT, CRISPR, buddhism, neuroscience, robots, philosophy, biology, literature, history, technology, religion, transhumanism, geopolitics, AI, quantum physics
Our Discord server is a serious server for Japanese and English beginners. You can try talking and practicing conversation, writing, and recruiting study friends. If you are interested, please join! Let's chat!
Seja bem vindo ao [JP] Japonês Brasil, é uma comunidade de pessoas que querem aprender a linguá japonesa e ao mesmo tempo interagir juntos, seja conversando, jogando, e compartilhando materiais entre si.
Join a great community for Slavs and learners where you can have friendly discussions about languages, history, and cultures!
This server gathers all the flags of the regions, departments and territories of France.
A server that's based on messing with Google Translate Based on this subreddit!:
Duolingo is a place for people around the world to talk to each other without any expectation of understanding each other. Immerse yourself into a truly worldwide server and start to shape up on your multilingual skills.
Serveur d'apprentissage de la langue japonaise et de discussions sur toute la culture japonaise (langue, culture pop, culture traditionnelle, littérature, etc... absolument tout !) Nos activités : - Nous faisons de nous une véritable communauté - Nous apprenons le japonais - Nous voyons les différentes notions de grammaire - Nous faisons des exercices - Nous nous entraînons à écrire et parler japonais - Nous discutons de culture, traditions - Nous partageons nos expériences au Japon - Nous nous détendons et parlons de ce que nous voulons
Foreign language learning: multicultural education approach. It is our commitment to educate, teach and help anyone who is up to experiment living in a cosmopolitan world. Let's learn and practice languages together!
English speaking and want to learn Russian, or Russian speaking and want to learn English? You are welcome! :)
a small Israeli community starting out we want this server to be enjoyable to any new members and make everyone feel welcome we play games and hang out. it's a great way to meet new people from around the world especially now that we are all stuck at home we started out with vrchat but we are open to all games and topics so come on in
A hangout server where you can talk or call to your friends!
The Nexus with over 2000 members is an international community mainly focused on language learning via voice chat. Come and practice the language you are learning by having interesting conversations with native speakers, expand your vocabulary and learn about the culture behind the language, immerse your self in a language experience. English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and more.
Welcome, I hope u are going to make many friends who also like to learn languages.
We are a small team of gamers who got bored in the ´´corona-break´´ and decided to start a discord server, where all people can have fun and enjoy for example: long night talks, chill/tryhard gaming sessions and lots more Our motto: Have Fun !
Join awsome gang
═══▏Welcome to StarLight 🌠▕═══ ⨠ You can make friends with anyone on this server ⨠ Intend to gather people from all over the world ⨠ You can talk / chat in your language that has been provided on this server ⨠ You can use the facility on this Server ! ⨠ Keep chill and let's Join to our Server !
This is a server where people can get on the mic and practice spoken English.
Welcome! __**Mobile Gaming Base**__ is a server devoted for people who are trying to go dipper into the gaming life, look for people who play the same games and are hype for it. **Any Discord User is welcome!** 👉__****__👈
Hi There! We are a discord server where you can chill or just simply listen to music! You can also talk to new people or to your friends in your language. We have channels like: Dutch, English and Spanish! If there are any further questions you can contact the head staff or the owner. Have fun!
Debate Central is a debate server specifically catering to debaters that need help in debate. We have bots, and veteran debaters who can give you tips tricks, and strategies in getting that landslide victory! What we have: ・BOTS that can give out debate tips and tricks! ・SENIOR DEBATERS in the server can help you refine your tecniques in debate! ・ONLINE DEBATES. Text and Voice Channels are available for debate sessions online! ・MATTERLOADING MADE EASY. Yes, we have matterloading channels that compiles all news reports from major news outlets to make matterloading for debaters easier than ever! ・INTERACT in our chill and cool community and get to know each other!
We're a virtual community airline and flying on networks like IVAO and VATSIM! Join us today!
A Catalan Discord server for speakers and learners of the language!
This is Indonesian server that is made for English learners around the world.
Magyarul Terráriázni vágyó játékosoknak.
Magyarul Don't Starve-ozni vágyó játékosoknak.
Want to join an fun community to learn a new language and make friends from all around the Globe? Here at Language Academy we offer 5+ languages, 2+ teachers for each language to help you as much as you need! Everyone is super supportive and respectful. Whether you just started learning a language or if you are 2 years in, everyone is helped the same. No bias. No judgement. Its a safe community to grow your language skills in. We hold voice chats daily! Vocabulary is constantly expanding from just our general chat alone. Don't be scared to join, we are all humble to meet you and see you grow your language vocabulary.
A language learning server with people from all over the world
Nueva Comunidad de juegos de discord para todas las plataformas, ps4, Xbox One y pc
We are a community wishing to spend our time talking about languages and learning new ones along our path. Founded by a group of people sharing a common passion, that is, the love for languages and linguistics, we shall be delighted to have you among us if this would be the case for you as well. We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us and that you'll learn a few things in our company!
A fun language server featuring mostly Turkish, French and Spanish, but also Welsh and any other language people may bring. We also play games and do voice chat regularly.
Сервер для уютного общения без оскорблений и дискриминации. На сервере присутствуют кланы, множество различных тематических чатов, развитое РП. Изначально создавался как сервер группы "ROBLOX Россия!", однако от своей изначальной задумке отдалился давно, и сейчас здесь обсуждаются множество различных интересных тем. Приветливая администрация, дружелюбная атмосфера и разношёрстное сообщество ждут вас на нашем сервере "Schneeland" в Discord!