This is a server where people can get on the mic and practice spoken English.
Join a great community for Slavs and learners where you can have friendly discussions about languages, history, and cultures!
Our Discord server is a serious server for Japanese and English beginners. You can try talking and practicing conversation, writing, and recruiting study friends. If you are interested, please join! Let's chat!
The Nexus with over a 1000 members is an international community mainly focused on language learning via voice chat. Come and practice the language you are learning by having interesting conversations with native speakers, expand your vocabulary and learn about the culture behind the language, immerse your self in a language experience. English, Spanish, French and more.
Um servidor para compartilhar recursos de Japonês, conversar, jogar shiritori e conhecer novas pessoas! PT-BR
We strive to build a community of people who are looking to teach and to learn about the Dutch language and culture.
A server that's based on messing with Google Translate Based on this subreddit!:
Serveur d'apprentissage de la langue japonaise et de discussions sur toute la culture japonaise (langue, culture pop, culture traditionnelle, littérature, etc... absolument tout !) Nos activités : - Nous faisons de nous une véritable communauté - Nous apprenons le japonais - Nous voyons les différentes notions de grammaire - Nous faisons des exercices - Nous nous entraînons à écrire et parler japonais - Nous discutons de culture, traditions - Nous partageons nos expériences au Japon - Nous nous détendons et parlons de ce que nous voulons
A multi-purpose server for people to chill in, socialise, and meet potential drinking buddies. It's still a small group, but newcomers are welcome to drop in.
感觉自己像家一样! 你可以谈论你想要的任何主题,新的或邀请你的朋友到我们的社会,但我们强烈建议你花一点时间看看我们(#规则),所以每个人都会感到柔软 :з 中国
Сервер для уютного общения без оскорблений и дискриминации. На сервере присутствуют кланы, множество различных тематических чатов, развитое РП. Изначально создавался как сервер группы "ROBLOX Россия!", однако от своей изначальной задумке отдалился давно, и сейчас здесь обсуждаются множество различных интересных тем. Приветливая администрация, дружелюбная атмосфера и разношёрстное сообщество ждут вас на нашем сервере "Schneeland" в Discord!
A cosy and friendly server for those who are learning Russian. We are heavily focused on learning, teaching and speaking Russian. Our server has: - a helpful community of native speakers and other learners - interesting events - a frequently updated channel with a lot of useful resources and materials - activities to practise Russian
Foreign language learning: multicultural education approach. It is our commitment to educate, teach and help anyone who is up to experiment living in a cosmopolitan world. Let's learn and practice languages together!
Magyarul Terráriázni vágyó játékosoknak.
Magyarul Don't Starve-ozni vágyó játékosoknak.
This server is for people who don't want to be alone when tackling the Russian language. But also native Russians speakers can find here a community that is interested in their language, exchanges about life, love, vodka and is willing to help with English. We try to host regular exercises and activities to keep you on your toes ...err... motivated.
Really expensive, more than $2.400.000 (in Euro). Real life. For that money you'll buy happiness.
Are you interested in learning or teaching Japanese? If so, you're more than welcome to join our Konosuba inspired anime/Japanese cultured server! We're friendly, active, and multicultural! Play with our bots, share your art, music, or games! We have Japanese teaching, mentors, and actively growing. Make sure to join us today, drop and be a part of our lovely community uwu. We have: - Qualified teachers and natives who can help you on your trip to learning Japanese! - Clubs to fit your interests! - Anime channels! - Minigames! - Active voice channels! - Karaoke sessions! - Gaming nights on weekends! - Self-roles! - Active and kind members! - Open for partnership! - 1300+ members and progressively growing! - On-going Japanese classes! - Cross-server event collaboration services! - And much, much, more! We are actively looking for staff to teach Japanese and event team members! Stop by and see if you'd be a good fit for us!
Library Minecraft is a project to create a collection of player-written books in Minecraft.
A server to help in the learning of any of the three Baltic languages, including Latvian, Lithuanian and Latgalian
A server dedicated to people who speak or learn Chinese. We welcome everyone! Сервер для носителей или изучающих китайский язык.
Hi there! We're a group of users who love learning languages, some of us speak Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and many others. If you do love learning languages you should join us, and learn languages!
English speaking and want to learn Russian, or Russian speaking and want to learn English? You are welcome! :)
Welcome to the server of total randomness and exitement. With many channels and custom roles, We're sure you'll enjoy your stay!
16+ server. Casual environment created to facilitate an exchange of language and culture between friendly people around the globe. If you're studying a foreign language or want to share your own language with other people, this is the place for you.
European discord server, for Europeans and people interested in Europe to connect. with language learning, politics, history, current news, maps, vexillology, memes, NSFW channels, and more. includes bots with video/gif/picture editing, gambling, games, awards, music, and much more
Links 링크들 owner 소유자: @Jin Galaxable#7777 invite 초대링크: banner 배너: official instagram 공식 인스타그램:
The LearnNa'vi Community revolves around the conlang Na'vi from James Cameron's AVATAR. This server is designed for easy communication between members, students and teachers. Join and learn Na'vi!
Would you like to be our Seoulmate? If you love kpop and meeting new cool people, then you're looking in the right place! ⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰ What we have for you: ღ A friendly, chill vibe ღ Multiple self-assignable roles ღ Plenty of channels to chat in with various topics ღ Fun bots to use ღ Various events to participant in ღ Over 40+ emojis ⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰
Ce serveur rassemble tous les drapeaux des régions, départements et territoires de France en emojis blob avec pour chacun une version animé !
Un server di italiani che giocano a roblox! (SOLO ITALIANI) (ONLY ITALIANS)
♡I made a discord server. Server for Japanese and English speakers who like anime and game. I made various channels. People with an understanding of anime and game hobbies are also welcome♡
hello! im carie and i have a discord server specifically for language learning in california! i thought it would be a good idea to connect us californians all over norcal and socal through language. you could just speak english and want to know more, or speak 10 and help others! whatever works. perm inv:
A friendly community for fans of Turkey, istanbul, Antalya. Culture, music, language and much more Join us now and make friends from Turkey