Serveur autour des mes différents site web : - Site de jeux et dessins : - Mon blog : Le but principal est l'apprentissage du japonais en communauté.
We are a small community that allows you to chill and talk to each other.
FiveM pomoc służy do pomocy osobą początkującym w skryptowaniu na platformie FiveM. Na naszym serwerze możesz otrzymać darmowe paczki oraz darmowe Skrypty oraz pomoc od społeczności.
Just a chillzone for the homies
Gezellige minecraft server, Gezellige en actieve staff. Geen vriendjespolitiek. Leuke gamemodes
Olley ist ein Server mit normalen Chat-Möglichkeiten, außerdem besitzt er 5 Talking-Kanäle! Ja, 5!! Zudem hat er einen Musikkanal, denn auf dem Server Olley findest du auch unseren Musikbot Octave! Sag Hallo zu ihm, und komm auf unseren Server!
It’s a Server To Chat To People And Relax! ❤️❤️
Servidor dedicado a la discusión, práctica e investigación sobre lengua de signos en España.
This server is centered into the learning of the Bashkir language. Bashkir, or better Bashkort language, is a turkic language which belongs to the northern part of the kipchak branch of turkic languages. It is spoken by the Bashkir people, who live in Bashkortostan, a country which is currently under Russian control, they are tough a people on their own. - Bashkir is currently classified as endangered language and we would like to contribute to its salvation.
here we are family together.. every night we are having a party .. just come and join the party
Hello everyone, My name is Joe and I have l recently launched a discord server to learn languages. We offer every language around the world and we want to connect people together so they can learn and help each other. We want to include members from every country to grow and expand and be a hub to help people. What we offer: A safe and moderated environment where members can learn and talk. A hub to find likeminded people who are passionate about learning languages. Hundreds of self assignable roles where you can show off your learning skills with others. A growing server where you can apply to be on our team and help users. Many different resources for different languages to boost your proficiency. We host different classes for each language, free of charge. We have music rooms, and fun channels to show off your interests with other users. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoy your stay
Meet fellow Bengalis for some conversation. A home for all kinds of adda. Join us for fun addas and find people to talk to in Bangla. Everybody is welcome.
Labymod 1.8.9 en español
Welcome to kagaguhan! Kagaguhan is a Filipino server dedicated to having good times with other Filipinos.
O JumpManClub Brasil é um grupo independente de tradução de games, focando em games da Big N, nossa querida Nintendo! Nosso objetivo é trazer para o português do Brasil, games que originalmente não foram portados para o nosso idioma, sem nenhuma finalidade lucrativa, de fã pra fã, e distribuindo o nosso trabalho gratuitamente através da internet!
In this server you can contribute to the development of a diverse community of language lovers, making valuable friendships while growing your cultural knowledge. Not only do we have scheduled lessons with volunteers teaching their native language, but we also have clubs where we debate, share art, listen to music, play video games, watch foreign movies and host multi-cultural events. Thanks to The Language Sloth, learning a language becomes less of a tedious individual task, but a community experience from anywhere in the world.
A small community for chatting and making friends, we also accept emote requests!
╭ ✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚╮      .· ´Welcome to curiousity Server,     we are all rather mad here...         but then     all the best people are ☆´¨) ¸.·¨)     (¸.·´ (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* ¨)   Curiosity is owned and run by Alice    & her very helpful moderators.     It is a multi lingual server      we accept everyone       for who they are,    regardless of their backgrounds.    (Now despite that most, people     still prefer to speak English,       it is not compulsory)      The server itself is    Alice im wunderland themed   and is always striving to improve.     ╰✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚╯
هاي-ساب أو الحوار العارم : فريق مترجم حوارت الأنمي إلى العربية . تأسس الفريق في صيف 2016 من قبل المترجم محمد التبر ، ينهج الفريق ترجمة قياسية تنهج معجما بلاغيا يقيس المعنى على الأحداث الخاصة بالأنمي ليالا يفقد أي نوع من الإثارة المحمولة و ليتحقق نوع جديد من المشاهدة يعرف بالمشاهدة "الساحرة" . إختص الفريق بتقرير حوارات مترجمة لعدة من الأغاني التابعة لمختلف الأنميات بل و قرر قصائد غنائية لها طالما تميزت ببلاغة و إبداع لغوي بارز و عارم. محمد التبر (المؤسس) : أدعى محمد مهدي التبر ، مهووس بالتقنية ، خبير بالعالم الإفتراضي نتيجة سنوات من التعلم الذاتي ، إتخذت درب الترجمة منذ سنوات لكن بعدما إقترح علي بعض الأصحاب ترجمة الأنمي ، أردت أن أبدي مهاراتي في ذلك المجال و حنكتي في المعلوميات حققت نقلة نوعية لحوارات الإنمي إلى طور جديد . أفضل أنميات الزمن و سلسلات يو-غي-يو .
Hey there! Ever felt like learning Bahasa Indonesia? Well this is the right place! We have several native speakers in the server who are willing to help you out with all the questions you have! We have a seperate chat for only the Indonesian language so it's even easier to improve since you'll be speaking with native Indonesians! Also voice chat sessions are possible! Will we see you soon? Happy learning!
Welcome to the Hazara discord where we talk about the Hazara people of Afghanistan Non Hazaras are welcome too! just be respectfull to people Hazaras are a mongol descended people who live in Afghanistan and has faced discrimination from time to time
The Soviet Union (USSR), a Communist friendly server for the people. BLYAT.
A Slavic server made by the true og's of Slavic discord, and ex-admins of once popular Slavic World.
A great community for practicing Turkish and asking your questions regarding the language. The admins and native speakers in our server, some of whom are actual Turkish teachers, are always helpful and they have a solid grasp of the language. Feel free to join us if you're interested in Turkish.