Code Workshop is a community of people learning and talking about programming. From web development to machine learning and robotics. A community for learning to code, or for experienced programmers developing new skills.
Code Workshop is a community of people learning and talking about programming. From web development to machine learning and robotics. A community for learning to code, or for experienced programmers developing new skills.
Server designed for roblox developers in any part of any department(scripter, builder, graphic designer, audio department, etc)
We offer 24/7 Glitch hosting for free (Our bot will visit your express site for your project on glitch every 1 min). Do you want Discord bot but you dont have coding skills? - We have basic bot template which you can clone, fill config.json file and host using our Glitch host. --------------------------------------------------------------------- So pls join our server: ---------------------------------------------------------------------
R6 Lookup is a new Rainbow Six Siege stats tracker created by two developers using ideas from the community. It has many unique features, including; • The ability to detect hackers and display it on their profile • Banned status to display if a player is banned • Modern design • Created by fans of R6 • Written in PHP/JS/HTML5/SCSS
STEM Server with focus on CS, MLNN, big data, security and quantitative finance
Un serveur où tous ceux intéressés par le monde de Linux peuvent venir.
[Test via un bot nécessaire pour être admis] La caverne du développeur est un serveur discord français permettant de parler de programmation ou de tout.
A server where we will help you with your coding needs!
CodeSupport is a community dedicated to giving guidance about coding, as well as creating conversation with one another. No matter your skill level, you are welcome in this community - all we ask is you follow the rules. We provide a platform for like-minded people to share their ideas, projects, and skills.
Programmers Palace is an community for people of all experience levels who are interested in programming or computer science. We also have events and competitions! If you are looking to share, help, learn or discuss, then programmers palace is for you.
This is the official Hackers Arcade server. Here you can learn ethical hacking, coding and get help on security CTF's. You can join live sessions for coding, hacking and ctf to understand things better.
Server pentru iubitorii de mate si info.
Welcome to ExploitCrack! We are a Ethical hacking , programming and Information Security server for those who would like to learn new things on certain topics. We're a pretty friendly community, though toxic people do not belong here, other then that, we're glad you're here, we hope you learn something new!
═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════ Ownership, Coding and Development Community Informational channels available! 120+ Tested bots for display!
An alloy of fun, intelligence, productivity and improvement in one place.We want each person to be able to access what they need Instead of getting controlled by Social Media and the people taking advantage of the internet. Here You can make new friends, find partners get daily motivation, support each other and grow and be a part of the brilliant master plan called the upside down universe which wants to make your life complete in always be it gaming, self improvement, party or content creation and business. This server is going to be the heart for all our community people to come together stay updated, get successful or just game and have fun!
DU MUST JOINEN - Hier treffen sich Developer und Gamer - Ein Discord zum Programmieren und Zocken YOU MUST JOIN - Here meets developer and Gamer - A Discord for Programming and Gaming
A good community for beginner programmers, join us :)
zcome join use in our way to making a new roblox game!
We offer GTA Modding services and Roblox Exploiting Services. We offer free exploits with no key systems or ads too!
vUI is a visual interface replacement for World of Warcraft. It restyles the default interface, while adding many useful features.
Social Programming group. memes :)
Chill server
Technology discussion including hardware, apps, and much more. Google, Apple to tiny startups vying for your attention, Technologist focuses on the latest in what matters in technology daily.
Programming server in swedish and english. Get help and help others with code. Äntligen en programmeringsserver på svenska!
This is a new server starting from the ground up. It's meant to be a place where you can ask for help and share cool projects with others, without the toxicity!
We are a discord server for receiving and giving help on C and C++, feel free to stick around and join in a programming discussion :)
A server for all you tech enthusiasts!