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This server is for all engineers and everyone interested in the life of engineers! We are open to accepting anyone who is interested in technology! Anyone is welcome to join. You can join this server here to ask about engineering, ask advice, and much more things! #Discord engineering, #electrical
Come debate with other users on different topics!
Welcome to Green World! Green World is an environmental-based server for anyone who wants to be more eco-friendly.
join at your own risk. a 18- channel for people to enjoy! uwu we have: bots memes coolest people you'll ever meet. very friendly people inside. (hopefully, we all get along...)
Do you play games? Come on down, we support games from about 10 different top, popular and excellent video game companies. Memes, photography, selfies, introductions, off-topic, game chat, bot fun, so much to do!
Server made for Programmers, Hackers, Beginners, Software Developers
This server is a place to get out of your head and gain awareness, consciousness, and peace through reality. Topics are all science, sustainability, DIY, wildlife, and more. The concept of reality is to put aside your belief systems and use your senses and logic to form observations about the world around you.
Shaman australis botanicals - a server dedicated to cultivation of plants, mushrooms, homebrew and the cultivation/foraging of australian native flora
Auguste consiste en un espace d’expression libre en langue française.
Buy/Sell/Trade your Overwatch account or get free SR boosting.
The year is 2556, and the UNSC has recently defeated the covenant, however threats remain. Insurgents, covenant remnants, and other unknown threats lurk, threatening to damage the UNSC. Board the UNSC Solus, a Autumn class cruiser and one of the most advanced ships in the UNSC to help stop these threats from doing their goals. Participle in full scale invasions, passive rps, and more.
A Discord server for What If fans! (Unofficial)
Pre Med & Chat is a semi-professional server for those who have an interest in medicine. The doors to jokes and memes are always open!
We are a romanian server that would like to gather around nice people and hold discussions about all kinds of topics from science to games and movies. Join us if you want to have chill conversations.
Welcome to Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha. This server is lightly based around science fiction. Enjoy but make sure you follow the #❌-server-rules
We have general, art, EMPIRE-based, roleplay, and medical/microbiology categories and channels. We also have two voice channels.
All things varicocele. Have a varicocele? Come on in to discuss treatments, surgery and cures. Including natural cures! Also just cozy talks! Join now!
Welcome to the first Discord server that is all about natural cures and treatments for disease! Are you into alternative medicine? If so, join now!
This discord has emerged to allow you to pay less for the subscription to and It will allow you to discuss the most difficult problems, daily challenges or to share your own problem !
Flat Earth ■ Truth ■ Conspiracies ■ Ice Wall ■ Divine ■ Spirituality ■ COVID-19 ■ Coronavirus ■ Earth ■ Shape ■ Globe ■ Politics ■ Research ■ Debate ■ Knowledge ■
Wildlife Biology Group and Discussion
The Curecoin system leverages Stanford's* [email protected] distributed research software. As of 1 May 2019, Curecoin's folding team is ranked #1 on the global [email protected] network.
This Server is for people who are interested in drugs and medicine. If you are a trained medical professional or just someone who wants to learn about medication from a professional pharmacist. Everyone is welcome!
Quarantined Gang is a good place to chill while we're all quarantined :)
A discussion for the coronavirus (COVID-19)
W.H.O. Unofficial and it's purpose is to prevent COVID-19, and other diseases.