The server is now up officially and just about done. More things will be added in the future! Stay tuned! โค๏ธ

We have pokecord up and running and its spawn rate is pretty high. Users now currently have a choice between 9 color roles. 7 description roles and 2 age roles (18+ and 17-).

The server will never have a NSFW section.

Music is also up and running and we're using Rythm as the primary music bot. If more are needed later, users can just say so and we'll act accordingly.

Art sharing is up and a few users have already shared their art! Super cool! โค๏ธ I encourage all of you to share your art pieces with everyone.

There are currently no running events since the server just started (and I'm busy with exams).

We are currently using patchbot to update our users on the latest of games such as R6, Apex Legends, LoL, and more!

The news section of the server is running as well with 2 contributors to the news channel which shares articles to the users interested in topics such as games and art.

Stay posted for more! Join the server!