Want a group of guys and gals with as little drama as possible? Looking for some legit folks to play with? Don't want to deal with squeakers? Then join us stop wasting time and just jump in! Below is our basic rules that will and must be followed.

ƟƘƑ's Laws of the Land

  1. Do not, in any way, shape or form screw over fellow ƟƘƑ members. Although they may act, look, and maybe smell weird, we are all part of the group. TL:DR: Don’t be a dick.

  2. No Personal Channels unless admin or moderator authorized.

  3. Age 18+ is required for community-wide administration or leadership status.

  4. Underage members are subject to approval by individual game leaders. This includes those underage wanting a leadership role they must meet a maturity level threshold.

  5. Don't take things personally, Do not pursue interpersonal conflicts. Don't be blatantly discriminating or hatefilled.

  6. Warn before sending NSFW links. Death, gore, hardcore/deviant NSFW links should always have an extra warning. This rule is disregarded if links are in the NSFW channel.

  7. Please avoid controversial topics in guild channels, regardless of game/method. This rule also covers ingame world chat we do not want any member harassing another player ingame that will be grounds for a possible removal after being reviewed.

  8. Zero Tolerence for drama. You will be muted for 24-hours on the first offence and perma banned if you have violated the rule again. No appeals will ever be taken into consideration.

  9. Moderators and above reserve the absolute right to change or end a discussion if it is creating a hostile atmosphere in a chat channel. Please avoid discussion of politics, religion and other controversial topics in guild channels, regardless of game/method.

And above all..

Respect your fellow peers.