Community | Gaming
Welcome to Kazoku! We are a new community focusing around gaming, anime and more! Interested in finding new friends? Share lewd things with other people? Join a great community? Then this place is for you! We have occasional anime nights and VN reading every friday! We are looking to expand to game nights and giveaways in the future as our community grows. We also have channels where you can show off your art, food or even join in some debates! We look forward to seeing you in Kazoku!
Gaming | Community
Opening hailing frequencies. Satellite uplink enabled. Transmitting-#GALAXYCHAT-📡 Friendly mobile gaming community dedicated to a cozy space/strategy game called Hades' Star. We are a diverse community with members from 22 different countries across the world. ° #GALAXYCHAT-📡(Classic chatroom. Send attachments, add reactions, global emotes, and talk to 200 people from 22 countries from around the globe with intuitive automoderation and awesome chat moderators.)
YouTuber | Meme
a podcast run by 4 retards. all members Are 16+ and all around NSFW channels and TW for suicide, vulgar humor, etc
Role-Playing | Social
Nuclear summer, open ocean OC chat. Paragraph RP only, 16+.
Social | Meme
Looking for a laid back social server? A place to meet new people and share memes? Someone to play games with? Mai's Social Garden is the right place for you! ♥We're a new server!♥
Community | Social
--━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-- Straight up a little community server for you to hang out in. --━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-- Our-server-offers: -❏ Chill rules -❏ Ranking system. -❏ All sorts of bots. -❏ Economy --━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━--
Community | Education
O Primeiro servidor Brasileiro com foco na comunidade Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL).
Social | Community
ωεℓcσмε тσ cнιℓℓ ℓσυηgε 16+! ωε αяε α gяσωιηg, ғяιεη∂ℓү cσммυηιтү ωнσ ωεℓcσмε αℓℓ! нεяε, ωε σғғεя α vαяιεтү σғ ғεαтυяεs, נυsт αт тнε тιρ σғ үσυя ғιηgεяs! ωαηт тσ тαℓк? ωε'яε нεяε! ηεε∂ тσ vεηт? ωε gσт үσυ! мεмεs? үσυ gυεssε∂ ιт! ησт cσηvιηcε∂? ωε αℓsσ нαvε: ➸ vσιcε cнαηηεℓs ➸ вσтs тσ εxρℓσяε ➸ ℓεvεℓ яεωαя∂s ➸ ρяιvαтε cнαηηεℓs ➸ ηsғω ғσя 18+ ➸ ωεℓcσмιηg cσммυηιтү ➸ αcтιvε cσммυηιтү ➸ ғяιεη∂ℓү αη∂ ιηтεяαcтιvε sтαғғ ➸ sυggεsтισηs αη∂ sσ мυcн мσяε! ωнү ησт cσмε ση ∂σωη?
Community | Social
Yo, what's poppin'? 𝙶𝚎𝚎𝚔 𝙾𝚞𝚝! ™️ is a FRESH and NEW 16+ server where you can come and socialize with people that have the same interest as you. Whether it be Gaming, Movies, Manga or Comics we have a place for you to come and geek out ;)
Support | LGBT
Hi there! Pillow Paradise is a 16+ support focused server. Our Objective is to provide to support to people 16 years and older. I noticed there is almost no servers that offer support for people in this age bracket and adults are often shamed for joining 13+ servers so I welcome all young and older adults here for support! we promise to do our best to provide you with the support you deserve. We offer a lot of great perks like Channels to express yourself in Music bot and channel Public and Private support Lots of cute emojis A warm welcome We want you to feel safe and welcomed here okay? so give us a try! there is a lot more to the server than just this little intro!
Gaming | Community
(16+) We promote Positive Vibes through games like OW, Movie Nights, AND our very own Server-wide Overwatch League!
Beliefs | Community
God, the Righteous Creator, justly fulfilled the Law, having Christ Jesus suffer the wages of sin, Whose resurrection quickens our inheritance by the Holy Spirit. ^ Too verbose? It's how we roll. Whether in Bible Studies, MC streams, JackBox parties, Worship Sessions - we live, move, and have our being in Christ. Hop in, suss us out (as we suss you out 😒) and be who Christ calls you to be! We pray, we try, (we fail), we reconcile with Christ. God's got this 😊 God's got'chu 🙂 Features we have to offer: • a nurturing environment to help each other grow in our faith as well as our inward and outward ministry • bibles studies, discussions, and worship sessions • community gaming, movie streaming, jam sessions, and events
Social | Entertainment
anime, chill, hangout, 16+, minimalistic
Anime | Social
This is a very new server
Social | Hobbies
A server dedicated to creating a comfortable place for gamers, artists, and the like to hang out with friends.
Social | Mature
is ya boiii.. ehh... skinny pinis Wir sind ein noch sehr neuer und kleiner Server mit total korrekten Usern! Ihr seid alle herzlich eingeladen solange ihr das Mindestalter von 16+ Jahren habt! Also bewegt eure kleinen süßen Popos hier her und habt mit uns Spaß! Was wir dir bieten: Mindestalter 16 Jahre! vor Kindern bist du hier in Sicherheit. 18+ Kanal mit Video Verifizierung vorhanden. Beef Channel zur totalen Beleidigung. Giveaways (Amazon, Paysafe und co.) ab einer Bestimmten Aktiven Anzahl von Usern. Kompetentes Server Team! Jail für Menschen die sich nicht an die Regeln halten. Was wir von dir verlangen: Aktiv auf dem Server dabei zu sein. Dich an die Regeln halten! Gut mit den anderen Usern auf dem Server klar zu kommen. Mit dem Server Team reden falls irgendwas nicht in Ordnung ist. Spaß zu haben!! Kommt einfach drauf und lernt uns und neue Leute kennen :D
Community | Anime
hihi server owner here c: come visit my server! we have lots of people from all over the world, its very friendly here and all is welcome! verification is required (16+) if about (18+) id will be asked to be shown :) ill cya there!!! -chunchunn <3
Meme | Social
A new server. Join your current continent to muck about with them in continent specific chats, do the same in all continent neutral chats and start wars in no mans land
Community | Gaming | Social
We are a silly little garden-themed community looking for more members so we can become more active and start holding events, etc.
Anime | Role-Playing
Have fun here do as you please 16+ Rules: no rules talk about anything you like doesn't matter what it is Here to make friends please be nice to each other
Support | Mature
A SFW 16+ mental health support server for people looking to have someone to talk to, a support group, and celebrate our differences. You can come here to vent. Let's talk it out ♡
Community | Hobbies
(16+ Only) Hi this is a pretty cool small server, quite friendly people with interesting lives and a good selection of bots for you to try out! There may not be anyone talking when you join but if you @ someone they'll welcome you!
Social | Gaming
Looking for a place to chill and have fun? We're the perfect server for you! We chill, VC, stream, watch movies, and more. All you could ever ask for! We have: · Bots · Gamers/Streamers · Fun Emotes · Good People · Active mods Join to make loads of new friends and have fun! Disclaimer: Server is strictly 16+ All are welcome. No racism, homophobia, or hate is tolerated.
Social | Meme
⍟ ARE YOU BORED or just searching for an a WILD SERVER with CHILL AND TALKATIVE PEOPLE? Search no further because PURE INSANITY is all about HANGING AROUND WITH FRIENDS and POSTING MEMES! So see ya there! [16+, freedom of speech server] ⍟
Role-Playing | Community
A 16+ X-Men mutants roleplay server. Here you will be placed into dorms based off your powers relating to the original X-Men. Each day you will train and learn skills that will help you and fellow mutants survive in the human world.
Anime | Gaming
We are a small and welcoming community for anyone over the age of 16, we are a community of mainly gamers and anime fans, but everyone is welcome! Our goal is to be a decently sized server where people can get to know each other.
Community | Gaming
「 herzlich willkommen auf underworld! 」 wir sind ein neuer server, deshalb freuen wir uns über jeden, der beitritt <3 unser server ist ab 16. :) ansonsten ist hier jeder willkommen und es gibt kein festes hauptthema. was wir bieten: ✦ - voicechannel ✦ - eine tolerante und freundliche community ✦ - selfroles ✦ - eine vielzahl an channels ✦ - viele emotes ✦ - NSFW-channel ✦ - verschiedene bots ✦ - level 1 boost ✦ - ein schönes server-design wir hoffen, dass wir dich überzeugen konnten und es wäre schön, dich bald auf unserem server zu sehen! ┗•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅∙∘༻❁༺∘ •⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅∙ ┛
Anime | Gaming
hope this place will feel like home for you. To share your interest, Meet new friends and having fun with everyone. Don’t be afraid to talk to us.
⊶⊶⊶⊶⊶💀home of the lost💀⊷⊷⊷⊷⊷ ・ This server is for 16+. ・ we are the lost souls of this cruel world. in this server, we do game night, partnerships, giveaways and ALso cursed memes cuz why not? we also support people who just wanna fit in. basically this server has full of weirdos.. lmao. we make jokes and sometimes its dark but we dont give a damn. ・ but u can do what you want, as long you follow the rules and respect people. You're good. ・ and also we are a dating server, but please.. no pedos or you will be banned!! hope to see you there! also, be weird with us xD