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The City of Visalia, the Jade of the Coast— a place of opportunity and unity to all within its embrace. Founded in Central America a few hundred of years after an apocalypse that wiped out most of humanity, this coastal trade city is home to individuals with abilities capable of augmenting the very fabric of reality, in pursuit of the greater good— heroes. Also vying for control of the Jade, villains seeking to cause havoc and reap the profits Visalia’s bustling community generates. No matter who you are, good or bad, entrepreneur or human waste, Visalia’s borders are open to all! We offer: -Roleplaying opportunities for those wanting to play heroes, villains, and everything in between. -A friendly community free of toxicity. -Numerous settings and places to explore, both in and around the city. -Literate roleplay.
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**About 2% of the earth population have been born with extraordinary abilities above human imagination. The cause of these mutations has not been identified. Because of the sudden apparitions of all these powers, ability holders were often segregated and treated as mutants and sometime even demons. Due to this, the different nations of the world decided to open up schools all around the globe in order to provide a safe space for these people to learn to control their powers and get an education. This is how Brim Academy was founded.** Welcome to Brim Academy! We offer: -Fair ranking system and stats -Become a student, staff or even just a civilian! -Missions and events -Chill owner and staff -No rules zone for those that are wild like me -Auto Hentai and ERP