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CURRENTLY HAVING A 50NMT GIVEAWAY want to have fun and make friends? then you’ve found the right server!! we are a small server looking to grow with new members. we have various trading channels, and just channels to make friends and talk. we hope you will join us!!
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If you love Animal Crossing, join our server. WE ARE HIRING!!!
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Looking for a trading platform for Animal Crossing: New Horizons? We've got you covered! Nook Horizons is an online market board, allowing you to buy and sell to other players with ease. Pre-registration is now available too. Let's earn some bells!
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Animal Crossing : New Homies est un serveur Discord où on parle principalement d'AC et où on ne se prend pas au sérieux ! Rejoins pour t'amuser et trouver des personnes qui partagent ton intérêt ! Tu pourras également marchander avec les membres et visiter d'autres îles si tu le souhaites :)
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Animal Crossing Custom Emojis
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Just a small Animal Crossing server chuggin along! We Do Giveaways weekly and Events every other night! People in our server get Discounts for our Events! Were here to have fun and make a small AC community!
Welcome to Animal Crossing Talk - A smol corner of the internet with plenty to do and an amazing community! This is a place for all things Animal Crossing! Here you can chat about the game along with: Enter in giveaways, play AC Hunger Games, share artwork and custom designs, show off your island and buy/sell in the marketplace. We also host FOTD (fact of the day) and QOTD (question of the day) and we have tons of fun bots to play with! We hope to see you in the server! Happy Crossing!
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Daily Weekly Giveaway 100% free for everyone ! No Invite no BS ! 490 members and GROWING ! Just come and Have FUN ! 🙌🎉
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We have fun bots, events, great staff, and much more!
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ミ☆ 18+ ミ☆ Daily giveaways ミ☆ 3+ FREE Treasure Islands ミ☆ Level 1 boosted ミ☆ A safe-space community ミ☆ Custom emojis ミ☆ Multiple chat channels ミ☆ Weekly games .・☆︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵☆︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵☆ *✿❀ We are looking to grow our server! ❀✿* ACnC is an Animal Crossing oriented server with 3+ free treasure islands, active members, chat channels, as well as members who play Among Us, COD, HPWU, Stardew Valley and more!
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Join Leif and Label to find friends to play ACNH with. We do daily giveaways among many others, there are tons of bots for you to interact with such as the ACNH Economy bot where you get to play a version of ACNH in our discord server! Games and challenges are held, prizes will be awarded to the winners. We have chat channels and places for you to host your island if you get a great price for turnips, or if you just want some people to visit. We have channels for all of your trading needs and villager gift giving needs. We hope to see you soon!