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Dystopian cyberpunk server. Memes, misfits -- incredibly active with up to 100,000 messages a day. Over 250,000 losers. Take the e-dgy pill -- wake up! https://discord.gg/edgy
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Meme | Community | Social
Dystopian cyberpunk server. Memes, misfits -- incredibly active with up to 100,000 messages a day. Over 250,000 losers. Take the e-dgy pill -- wake up! https://discord.gg/edgy
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Community | Social
The Fallout Shelter is a new & diverse social server welcoming survivors of the pandemic and its aftermath from around the globe. Join us as we support each other, laugh together, and grow as people. We strive to maintain a casual, come-as-you-are, accepting environment in which persons from all walks of life can feel safe! Interests/Lifestyles: Arts/Crafts, Academia, Sports, Book Club, Health & Wellness, LGBTQ, Gaming, Movies/TV, Bar/Party, & age verified NSFW.
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Education | Community
Hello and welcome to the community of early stage researchers. On this server we talk about all things robotics, research (robotics and other disciplines) and academia.
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Education | Writing
Welcome to the wasteland! This server is an apocalypse-themed dark academia server featuring extensive philosophy and academia channels as well as channels devoted to controversial issues. There is even a channel where aspiring writers, poets, and artists can post their work and receive feedback from peers. Although many aspects of the server are apocalypse-themed and members are often referred to as “survivors”, this is more for aesthetic and atmosphere than anything: this server is NOT a roleplaying server.
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Sports | Community
Servidor para los fanáticos de Racing Club. Actualidad, viciar un poco con los jueguitos, debatir Todo sobre RACING! Sumate!
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Community | Science
A community for all the people who love science, research, and learning for the sake of learning!
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Anime | Community
This is our My Hero server come enjoy user created games and content. Enjoy conversation about your favorite show, you know what just get in hero and figure it out.
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Anime | Role-Playing
Hé coucou toi !!! laisse moi te présenter mon serveur ^^ que trouveras sur notre serveur ? au premier abord, tu pourrais penser que c'est un serveur rp mha banal, mais je t’arrête tout de suite ce serveur est unique. tu voudrais surement le contexte ? je vais te le donner en quelque mots : Les vilains, ont pris le contrôle de plusieurs continent. Les héros ne s'ont plus que du passé. Les civils, sont embrigadés pour devenir des soldats dans des académies. De quels camps serais vous ? Allié a la résistance ou ennemie ? C'EST A VOUS DE CHOISIR !!! de plus nous possédons un petit système de rang comme à l'armée créer par Silveric. Nous t'attendons !!! Le serv est ouvert et a présent avec la nouvelle maj il y a aussi la Mafia et une Académie Héroïque clandestine qui se sont formée !!!
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Anime | Gaming
A streamer server based around My Hero Academia, we have alot of bots you can use as well as an RP on the side come join in on the fun and make some friends!
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Education | Science
This growing community is an excellent place to share knowledge, ask questions, and just to chat. With a community of 1600+ students, professionals, and interested laypeople, the Psychology Den is a great place to find academic discussion related to the science of Psychology. Note: This is not a therapy or support server. We cannot (and will not) offer professional help or advice.
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Role-Playing | Education
Bienvenido a la escolomancia, una escuela de magos y magas que sirve para preparar a los magos adolescentes para sobrevivir a la amenaza de los mals. Este es un servidor que acaba de empezar, de rol inspirado en la escolomancia de una educación mortal. Aquí harás amigos, aprenderás a utilizar poderes y huiras de los mals Proporcionamos: -Un staff muy activo que te ayudara con cualquier problema -No tolerancia a la toxicidad -Reglas -Muchos canales
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Art | Community
A server for anyone and everyone!! The server is mainly themed around the Dark Academia lifestyle, but we have heaps of roles and chat sections for everyone! We are a completely safe space, and we believe no one should ever feel threatened or unsafe online. We hope you'll come join us and share your skills and creativity!!