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Gaming | Support
The Safe Arcade strives to address discrimination and abuse in the video game community by providing a safe platform for these issues to be talked about, shared, supported, and providing resources to overcome. We hope to build a stronger and safer community within and outside of this server. Please feel free to spread this server to any and all who need it.
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Community | Social
We're a server prided on supporting everyone! We welcome many communities inculding and not limited to: DID/OSDD Systems, LGBTQ+, Otherkin, and Littles
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Community | Beliefs
Very friendly, cool, server with a variety of topics, categories, and channels to choose to chat in! This server is designed to be autism-friendly, but allistics (non-autistics) are welcome, as well. Hate speech, misinformation, extremism, MLMs, and other generic Karen stuff is not tolerated at all.