Battle Field Veterans is an online community comprised of gamers, graphic designers, coders, and more! BFV is a place where you can call home. We are a mature community looking to provide the best online gaming experiences! We host Arma 3 Exile and play a plethora of games together as a community! Friendly Staff (Current and X-Military) Active Members Thousands of Hours in games Experienced Programmers Mature Community Family Friendly Help us grow our community so we can all have someone to play with and enjoy more friendships! Discord: ✌️
A dutch meme server, Come here for your fresh daily memes!
We are a Garrys Mod "clan". We are most likely always on Server #5
Small community that enjoys free or cheap games. -Active members -16 bots -XP Roles -Fun Bots, Music Bots -50 server emojis -50 server gifs -Actively hosting giveaways
A furry dating server focused on having a friendly close knit community with as little drama as possible, as well as maintaining a child friendly experience of people who just want friends rather than love.