Furry | Role-Playing
Fictional lore based server for role-play/content creation for visitors/members who provide decent activity over a predetermined times, as well as providing tons of lore for the FBA and its fictional world. Trolls/Undesirables will be banned on sight or as soon as a troll/undesirable behavior
Role-Playing | Anime
Welcome to the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon's Fate. The world is exactly the same to the original Manga and Anime, however the Cannon characters do not exist. Dive into a server full of opportunity to raise your ranks and status, fight demons and even mingle. We welcome you, and we hope you can survive and create a legacy for yourself!
Gaming | Streaming
Fun community that love to game. we all love our fivem server as well as plenty other games.
Military | Gaming
Dead Nation is a zombie survival server on FiveM. Kill zombies to get loot/money or weapons! You are able to claim a house for you own aswel. Or just survive at on of the few safezones. There is pvp you can kill each other if that most
Gaming | YouTuber
SinSin is a fun server with over 250 members. Most of the people in the server like dark humor and gaming. The owner also provides some GMOD mods that aren't on the workshop.
Gaming | Meme
Small community that enjoys free or cheap games. -Active members -16 bots -XP Roles -Fun Bots, Music Bots -50 server emojis -50 server gifs -Actively hosting giveaways
Role-Playing | Gaming
FiveM Roleplay Server. Server IP: Illinois State RolePlay | discord.me/isrp
Community | Language
Hello and welcome to discord drops! DISCORD RULES! - FOLLOW DISCORD TOS! DISCORD SERVER RULES! - NO BAD WORDS! - NO ALTS! - NO NSFW! (TOS) - NO PEOPLE UNDER 12! FOR REWARDS RULES! Go to google translate and speak with me in Slovenian! No english or no rewards for you! ENJOY Server is legit. P.S. When we reach 200 members i unlock general.
Entertainment | Community
Nova's Den •A Growing Community With Lots Of People And Staff. •We Have Self Roles And Giveaways And Much More! •We Have fun Bots, Members Can Use For Entertainment •We are 13+ friendly! •Friendly and Active Staff! •Level Roles for your Profile •Join Us Today
Art | LGBT
You ever get tired of seeing Dutch Angel Dragons Everywhere? Not being able to experience new and different species that is not something you normally see people drawing everyday. Well you come to the right place! Welcome to Species Wiki (a shortened version of the groups name). We have many species created by people on deviantart that you can scroll through and get drawing ideas from. Just like furries and don't draw? That is fine too! There will be so many furry species and people to chat with if you are a none furry! So come join today!
Gaming | eSports
Hi, This server is for people who wants to game with other people, we have a active staff that´s on most of the time and is always there to help new members. We have lots of different gaming rooms/chats were you can meet new people and maybe find a new gaming partner. Our server consist mostly of English and Danish, our staff can help in both languages, we have support rooms for people needing help we also have a fully custom role picker were you just ask our staff and you will probably get it in about 24 hrs.
Anime | Community
So, you like hangout servers? Hanging out with friends? Making new friends? Then join the epic 「Gamer Guild」 server! Here are some things included. (With some thing to do when first entering the server as well. ) - No toxicity. ( Vibing, chill Owners! ) - Active Staff. - Idle Miner Bot ( Mine, Sell, hunt for literal mobs! Based on mechanics from Minecraft. ) - Music Bots! Listen to e p i c tunes. ( Rhythm & Dyno! Obviously, there are more than just music commands in Dyno. ) - Bots for fun! ( Yggdrasil & MEE6 ) - fun e p i c PvP commands! - Gaeming staff (We can choose to host community-events where we come together and play) Make sure to: - Read the rules, very important. - Have fun, duh. How about considering it? There is more to discover, and some are not even mentioned here. How will you find out the non mentioned features? Only one way to find out.
Business | Community
Axel Advertising Now Open - Welcome to the new Advertising company known as *Axel Advertising or AA For Short** We were created in April 2020 in hopes to get the discord world more connected. We have so much to offer any server that joins. 📨 VIP Roles 📨 Donator Roles 📨 1K+, 500+, 250+, 100+, and 50+ Partnership Roles 📨 Sponsorship's/Sponsored Giveaways 📨 Paid Server Promotions 📨 Paid Auto Bumps 📨 More Items Coming Soon!!!
Streaming | Programming
A Twitch server for self promotion, fun and streams to watch!
Community | Entertainment
Hallo! Wilkommen bei unserem Partnervermittlungs-Discord! Wir haben Funktionen wie: Reaction Roles, Vorstellungs-channel, Levels, Freundliche Community, Aktive Staff uvm! Schaut vorbei, wenn ihr wollt ^^ ~Kez
Community | Emoji
Are you looking for a good server to talk in? or a server with a custom bot getting progressively better? You've came to the right place then!
Gaming | Social
Join the Repulse Discord Community! In this server, you can find players to play with, we offer many things such as: a boosted server, friendly/active staff, giveaways and more! Join now and come chill with us. Thank You.
Community | Gaming
A community server to chill in and have fun
Gaming | Hobbies
We are a chill discord comunity that plays a bunch of discord bot minigames, chat, hold events and much more
Community | Social
WorldHub Advertising 🔸️ Welcome to our community! 🔸️ We are not your average advertising server. 🔸️ We are here to make your server grow in members in just days. WHAT WE OFFER: 🔹️ YOU CAN NOW POST IN UP TO 4 CHATS! 🔹️ Our own professional bot! - 🤖 🔹️ Friendly/Chill people! - 😎 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♥️ Join now for a chance for your server to be known worldwide! ♥️ We are also hiring staff members for various jobs, join now to find out the amazing jobs we have in store for you.
Community | Gaming | Role-Playing
Social | Music
Hi Welcome To Chilli, come join us and relax with the nice staff and PG community. We got: :robot: Server Bots :musical_note: Music Channel :moneybag: Economy :laughing: Server Emojis :handshake: Staff & Support Tickets :tada: Giveaways :dog: Pets And Much More Come join us: https://discord.gg/A8EGYSE
Growth | Social
Server of the Week! Enter the giveaway for the prize of your server being displayed in the first channel! FOR 1 WEEK!!! Anarchy (30 sec cooldown) channel!
Community | Emoji
A Friendly and Welcoming Community