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⏦Welcome🖈 ⏦To🖈 ⏦Night-Swimmers 🖈 ⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫ 》 16+ 》 Active Vc 》 Chill members 》 S+ Memes 》 Interesting "People" 》 A wide variety of channels 》 Very much has no skeletons 》 Useful Life Tips 》 Crackhead energy And Other Wonderful Things.... Join Today... ⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫⤫ Help....
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❥─────────────────❥ ☆│Active VC! (most nights) ☆│Cool people ☆│Thicc Staff ☆│Custom Bots ❥─────────────────❥ This server is mainly just a chill place to hang out and talk. We play games, program, make music and much more. We're really active most of the day, mostly in VC. Join pls
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~ : : Server Highlights — ୨୧ ꒰ + friendly and outgoing staff ꒰ + containing : events, active VC, gamers, anime lovers, music, dank memes! ꒰ + lgbtq+ friendly ꒰ + cute emotes and an aesthetic theme
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Tokyo: Neon Nights is a revitalized and renewed version of the late server Tokyo. Blending the old with the new, Tokyo: Neon Nights offers a chill experience with a cyberpunk theme.
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Basically a Better Place!
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We at the hangout place are a cool group of people who like making friends, we are very friendly and we also love gaming, anime, and making friends feel free to come on in and have a blast with our many bots and people to interact with.
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A great place to make friends and share memes. Voice chat is nearly always active. Everyone always has some great laughs.
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Voice chat that's super active daily, friendly and full of quality banter, not too fast-paced but never boring, regular movie nights, dedicated gaming servers, open to any age. Join and become a regular for a close-knit community experience. Come fill your social bar :)