Jealousy is a fast growing server. We are a community with egirls to feed ur big eboy ego. We aren’t a bunch of sensitive fucks so join!
DO YOU HAVE NO LIFE AND WISH YOU BELONGED TO SOME COMMUNITY OF PATHETIC TOILET SCRUBBING SHITLORD? HOW ABOUT U HOLD THE FRICK UP AND READ THIS AD C A L L M E J O E S D I S C O R D C U LT 🗿 | Discover the same old memes with ifunny watermarks 🤡 | The server officially has only 4 e girls 😳 | Feel free to dm me if you would like to partner or ally your server, my dms are open 😈 | Plenty of NSFW content to cure you of blue balls, u horny twatt 🌐 | Advertising channel if you are here only to advertise (*But if you leave all your ads will be deleted (Must be level 1 or invite 1 member to access it)
Voice chat that's super active daily, friendly and full of quality banter, not too fast-paced but never boring, regular movie nights, dedicated gaming servers, open to any age. Join and become a regular for a close-knit community experience. Come fill your social bar :)
A great place to make friends and share memes. Voice chat is nearly always active. Everyone always has some great laughs.
Tokyo: Neon Nights is a revitalized and renewed version of the late server Tokyo. Blending the old with the new, Tokyo: Neon Nights offers a chill experience with a cyberpunk theme.
Looking to build an active community that is on day or night, will we see you here?