This server is for a PS4 league that im currently working on but we are not allowing "players" to join at the moment right now i am in need for admins, moderators, coaches, captain, casters, and podcasters (staff) I wanna have all my staff ready to go and available before we start inviting!
NoLag Official discord
Borphius is a server made for anyone who uses discord. Some may join to game, some may join to spam some memes, some may join just to have a chat. No matter what reason is behind your decision to join, we welcome you and your friends. We offer voice and text channels for all different users. There are channels for gamers, for singers, even for podcasters. We want everyone to have a chill server to hangout in and interact with the community.
Danger tag server with admins, moderator and bots.
Minecraft Network, Factions, Skyblock, Prison, Voting.
Sin administración de usuarios (NoUserAdmin). Para tratar cualquier tema, es indispensable en una cuenta de discord con tu gente, también se puede usar para el debate y temas políticos, cuenta con canales de muchos tipos.
Voici le serveur Discord de mon Bot (@𝓙𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓷𝒆𝔂ℬ𝓸𝓽#2829 )
Do you enjoy Socializing, Anime, Video Games, Memes, Live Streaming and more? Come join Netscape Lounge a new-fast growing server that's welcoming to all. Rules are limited and discussions are open! Can't wait to see you there!
pretty epic join pls
this is just a server where you can copy roblox shirts/pants
In This Server You Instantly Get Admin!
This Is A Helper Server, We Help ANYONE With ANYTHING To Try And Help You Fix Your Issues, We Will Spend HOURS If We Have To, We Are Very Patient Here :)
XS1, a community server. Our goal is to establish a friendly community. Staff applications are often open. ■■■■■■■□□□□□□□ In XS1 you can : ☆Listen to music ☆Take part in Giveaways ☆Meet new people ☆Use multiple bots (More coming soon!) ...And so much more! Join today!
Hey, Wir sind noch ein sehr junges frisches Minecraft Servernetzwerk, welches sich das Ziel gesetzt hat einzigartig zu sein. Der Server läuft unter der Java Edition basierend auf der 1.8. Da wir gerade noch in Wartung sind können die Spieler noch nicht drauf spielen, können sich aber Bewerben und bald gibt es auch einen Bauserver. » Vorteile • Chatten und Spaß mit Minecraft spielern • Bei Anfrage eingene Bots testen • Hilfe um das Thema Programmieren • Bald ein Bauserver zum bauen und Ränge gewinnen Events etc... » Nachteile • Noch nicht sehr groß • Minecraft Netzwerk in Wartung • Kleines Team Bewerbungsphase ist zurzeit offen für Developer, Builder und Designer Aber wenn du das gelsen hast, dann kannst du auch auf unseren Server kommen
What are we? CCRP is a realistic role play community. We are a Illinois based friendly public community that is in search of good players like you. We are a menu based server that uses vMenu, CAD, EUP, dedicated online 24/7, We Use Teamspeak, Custom Cars. Consistently adding more! Cook County RP 4 Join Our Teamspeak 1 Join our discord 8 Our Goal Our goal is to RP realistically and to have fun doing it at the same time. We are currently hiring for all departments and have a HUGE opportunity for growth. What departments do we offer? Chicago Police Department Cook County Sheriff Illinois State Police Chicago Fire Department Active Dispatch Civilian Operations Who are we looking for? Communications Director Civilians CCPD ISP CCS + Law Enforcement Officers Fire/ EMS Tow Truck operators Staff+ Admins CCRP Server Discord
This server is the community connecting content creators and users from popular platforms such as Roblox, Reddit, Youtube, Twitch, and more! As the server continues to grow, many more people can be connected to this community with the creative name of Amethyst.