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Life After Discord Server Whether you're a beginner or an absolute destroyer, this server welcomes all survivors to gather, socialise and create a solid Life After gaming community. >>New friendly community for survivors to chat outside the game itself. >>Admin's and Mods' DM's are always open for questions! >>Moderators in this server will answer(to the best of their abilities) anyone in need of of advice, hints or tips. >>Camp Recruitment open now! Advertise for your camp or join an advertised camp. Hurry, check it out! >>Receive updates and latest news on the game, including server maintenance and other important server announcements. >>Flex on everyone- show everyone what level you're on and what gear you have collected! Flaunt it since you got it! We love seeing a professional player. >>Watch the Life After community grow and become a part of it!
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A server dedicated to reveling in the AfterMath of life. AfterMath, join our rebellious community of straight bullshit, participate in our nitro giveaways, and stay for the ambient chillaxing groove to unwind from your daily activities and come join in on the chaos like: movie nights, karaoke parties, meme trolling and more! We'll be waiting for you in the AfterMath!