A transgender support server. All are welcome for support and this does include Allies. Please feel free to check us out. The main focus is transgender support and positivity, so if that isn’t your main interest we might not be the server for you. All ages are welcome.
We are a server for all ages. You can curse but there cannot be any excessive cursing. We also have 18+ channels like the vip lounge channel.
Fun, Young, LGBT Friendly, Gaming kind of server
Minecraft | Sports | Gaming Servers | All Ages
Welcome to blessed, inc. where we put you to work in the finest, froggiest corporation in the world! We allow members of all ages (13+ as per Discord's TOS) to join and participate in conversation, events, and more! Do not hesitate to help us grow by suggesting additions to the server, inviting your friends, and being an active member of a growing online community. We are looking to do giveaways soon! (This is not intended to be a roleplay server)
Welcome to DeceptionFactions! - We are a Minecraft Factions server who is still in the process of being built. - The server is a Factions Based server supporting 1.8.8 - 1.14.4 - We welcome everyone of all ages, race, gender, ETC. - If you do not play factions or minecraft you can still join and have a good time! -Hope so see you there, Astro#8015
A BTS Fanserver filled with wonderful kpop/BTS fans!
For gamers, we take suggestions. do not raid
This is ReCall Gaming Community, we are a gaming community that accepts everyone no matter the age or ethnicity. Since we have converted from a gaming clan to a gaming community there will be no more applications or anything of that sort. We encourage you invite people so we can gain new members and expand our community!
This is basically about stories but there are alot more to come, please don't forget this is a new server and we need all the support possible
there are more rules but I can't fit all of them, you just have to join and see for yourself. Welp, we hope you enjoy the server, we love chatting and hanging out... see you there! And guess what, the server is for ALL AGES!!
Discord server for the Finding Herobrine: Reborn Minecraft server community.
Frivolous is a small network that is based around Garry's Mod and Minecraft. We are currently working on a Minecraft Survival Server and a DarkRP and TTT Server.
This is a discord server for gaymers to party up and take on the big wide web together. Feel free to chat it up or maybe voice with a couple new friends.