Business | Crypto
Want to make banks? Want to have the latest tech? Want to pay your mortgage, student loans, buy expensive gifts for your girlfriend? Then come here. I provide you something you wont regret. Come and join now.
Crypto | Support
Do you need any items refunded? Be it Amazon, Staples, or any other merchant? Join and drop me a message.
Financial | Investing
Hey you! Want to make money the legal way? Then look no further! Our server discusses everything Ecom related from eBay to Amazon, dropshipping to Social Media Marketing.
Business | Crypto
We sell gift cards and amazon orders at discounted prices
Community | eSports
Hallo User! Wir sind der Dead Monkeys Multigaming Clan und möchten uns gerne im Spiele Bereich aufbauen: - Rainbow Six Siege - CS:GO Wir freuen uns schon auf dich!
Social | Technology
This server is all about an cheap open Market for users who don't want to pay the full price for stuff they just want to try out.
Financial | Business
You will be exchanging small amounts of cash for Triple the amount of money, this seems to good to be true right? Wrong! It is actually real and there are people in the server to vouch for it.
Business | Financial
Hi welcome to Money Paradise! We were shut down at 2,000 members!!! :( But now we are back! Come join for all your carding needs, cracking and other money making methods. We have many services and products such as : Amazon Buy4U at 75% Off the order total Paypal and Cashapp transfers CCs and Dumps and physical clones for cheap FREE FRAUD BIBLE Come Bitcoin Ready and get ready to make some money!!!
Investing | Financial
Trading partners, shops, CC, PayPal transfers and amazon giftcards. Come and join us!
Community | Support
Scooter Bazaar is an upbeat growing community ready to save you up to 85% on your next purchases! The description doesn't justify the service, take a look for yourself! Make tons of $$$ reselling items with us!
Technology | Business
ASC at a price of 1.2%!!! Growing marketplace! Best place to buy ASC! Cheap Amazon!
Investing | Business
Are you broke? 9 to 5 too long and tiring? Well just join this wonderful and friendly server to earn cash. In this server you will be able to browse my stock and see what i am offering. I believe that once a customer purchases something they should not be left wondering how to use it, so i will always provide my customers with free methods and free screen recording to tutorials upon purchase.
Gaming | Role-Playing
New World Company/Clan [UK/EU/US]
Business | Financial
FR: Obtenez des produits gratuits en publiant des commentaires sur Amazon ! EN: Get free Amazon products by writing Amazon Reviews !
YouTuber | Support
Hello this is a account generating server and you can generate netflix, hulu, and minecraft accounts + more.
YouTuber | Support
Hello this is a account generating server and you can generate netflix, hulu, and minecraft accounts + more.
Gaming | Community
deutscher Crucible Discord Server Crucible ist ein kostenlos spielbarer PvP-Team-Action-Shooter, der durch deine Entscheidungen bestimmt wird. DEUTSCH - CRUCIBLE - DEUTSCHER - DISCORD - SERVER - COMMUNITY
Business | Technology
Business | Gaming
New Server for FREE MONEY! This is unlike other discords where you have to invite people for money. In fact, there is no invite rewards in this server at all. I estimate that as a casual user you can get around 10$ a week with almost no effort, If you are willing to put in the effort, you can get up to 50$ a week. If you have a job, this server will probably be useless to you but if you are a broke teen like me, this will be a godsend. I've spent so much money on games because of these methods. I can personally guarantee that you'll will get 10$ within the first week. Lots of payment proof in the server. Lots of methods for free money. Get free money for paypal, amazon, robux, etc.