Business | Investing
Free products from Amazon. Buy an item from a seller/agent, send a screenshot of the order, review it and send the screenshot to the seller/agent, give them your PayPal and wait for your refund. Either sell the item to someone else, or keep it!
Financial | Business
Do you want amazon store cards for EXTREMELY cheap? DO you want expensive stuff for cheap ? Do you want roblox items ? Join our discord now to start selling your items or find out how you can get a $1,000 store card for as low as $5! We are currently accepting PayPal, Bitcoin, robux and gift cards as payment for the cards, but we might take another form of payment if you ask. We have HUGE rewards for server boosters. For every boost a $1,000 store card is given to the user! In addition to booster rewards, we also have invite rewards. Invite rewards include 8 invites a $1,000 card, and if you are a crazy inviter you can get up to a $20,000 store card with 100 invites! Occasionally there are server giveaways where any card ranging from $500 to even $5,000 can be given away! Make sure to check this server out, you won't regret it!
Business | Crypto
We sell gift cards and amazon orders at discounted prices
Social | Technology
This server is all about an cheap open Market for users who don't want to pay the full price for stuff they just want to try out.
Financial | Business
You will be exchanging small amounts of cash for Triple the amount of money, this seems to good to be true right? Wrong! It is actually real and there are people in the server to vouch for it.
Community | Support
Scooter Bazaar is an upbeat growing community ready to save you up to 85% on your next purchases! The description doesn't justify the service, take a look for yourself! Make tons of $$$ reselling items with us!
YouTuber | Support
Hello this is a account generating server and you can generate netflix, hulu, and minecraft accounts + more.
YouTuber | Support
Hello this is a account generating server and you can generate netflix, hulu, and minecraft accounts + more.
Business | Technology
Business | Gaming
New Server for FREE MONEY! This is unlike other discords where you have to invite people for money. In fact, there is no invite rewards in this server at all. I estimate that as a casual user you can get around 10$ a week with almost no effort, If you are willing to put in the effort, you can get up to 50$ a week. If you have a job, this server will probably be useless to you but if you are a broke teen like me, this will be a godsend. I've spent so much money on games because of these methods. I can personally guarantee that you'll will get 10$ within the first week. Lots of payment proof in the server. Lots of methods for free money. Get free money for paypal, amazon, robux, etc.
Business | Education
Everything Finance! Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce, Amazon FBA, Stocks, Crypto, and everything finance. Grow your wealth with us today!
Community | Investing
Join our server if you want to join others who are working from home doing amazon drop shipping. We share tips and strategies to having a successful amazon store. We also share the best video guides and tutorials. We are a community of new and seasoned amazon dropshippers. Join now!
Business | Community
We sell cheap Amazon Storecards for you here are tge prices $5 - 600$ $10 - 1200$ $15 - 2000$ $20 - 2800$ $25 - 3500$ $35- 4600$ $45 - 5500$ $55 - Two 3500$ sc's to buy you can makle a ticket in the #ticket channel so we see that you need help with buying or just ask us something
Business | Financial
$25/month Shoes 👟 Lowkey flips 👀 In store flips ✅ Online flips 🥶 Free amazon product ⚡️ Monitors 🚨 + much more 🔥
Business | Crypto
A server dedicated to amazon refunding. Get ANY item on amazon for 75% off. Join the server for details.
Community | Financial
Welcome To Black Card. Previously hosting 700+ members WE ARE BACK!! This server will help you buy your most DESIRED items, without ever having to pay full price for them ever again. We can refund everything from furniture, electronics, pet supplies/food, clothing and so much more. Just order from our list of approved websites within the server and we will get your money back for you AND you get to KEEP YOUR PRODUCT(S). This is also a community where you can chat & feel at home in a family focused environment.