Art | Community
A place for artists, engineers, musicians, youtubers, designers, makers, and creators to cross-pollinate and support one another. It can be incredibly difficult to build a support network when pursuing a way to make a living outside of the normal 9-5 grind. Most of the time you can feel alone, especially when the odds are stacked against you. Hopefully we can be here to support and inspire. We believe that tons of ingenuity comes from the intersection of many different crafts. Having engineers collaborate with artists, or artists collaborate with musicians can inspire a realm of possibilities. Enjoy.
Art | Writing
IFTP Creator Corner for people who: create music, art, draw, paint, animate, sings, plays music instrument, writes, writes poetry, story writers, philosophers, craft makers. A place to promote your craft and find other creators to collaborate with and grow as creator.
Art | Furry
Hello! Welcome to the WARRIORS:ANIMATED server! This is a passion project, dedicated to animating the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. We need your help! We need as many people as we can on the production team, as well as patreon supporters and people to just spread the news! Come join us if you love Warriors! :)