Hello comrade this is not a server that is like ooo soviet union the best but we do it for the memes aight? we are against furries (we don’t raid them tho) we only spy on them for fun sometimes anyways its just a friendly small server where we talk ;D pls join you wont regret it comrade you can apply for staff by messaging the owner in dms
Un grupo tocho encargado de eliminar la basura de internet. Hasta ahora, tenemos 3 divisiones para atacar, la cuáles son: · Gacha Life (Parte tóxica y edgy) · SDLG, y la grasa (Debido a su excesiva toxicidad y hambre de poder) · Furrys (No es necesario describirlos) Al entrar al server deberás verificarte y elegir a que rama quieres estar (pueden ser todas). Contamos con: *Un rico sistema de verificación *Reglas filtrantes *Administradores relativamente activos *Un grupo que es muchas veces para boludear con los pibes *¡Y muchas cosas más! Te esperamos pana, sólo con tu ayuda podemos vencer.
CGS is that cold clear cup you get as a kid that hits different. The most refreshing ass 2 sips of your life.
This is an Anti Furry discord server with nazi theme This server isn't friendly or you can say its offensive for some people If you are being offended inside the server or when looking at the thumbnail, leave or don't join it
Do you hate Furries? Want to give discord back to the gamers? Well, have I got the server for you! Become a CrusRaider today!
The Anti-Weeb & Furry Agency is a social place where we try to keep any and all furries and weebs out! The server is locked a lot, if you are unable to join please wait a bit until the server has unlocked.
server full of cunts, and minecraft players also uk based so be funny. dont be furry also