Gaming | Social
A Minecraft Society server on minehut, with Democracy you can run for town mayor! Meet friends and join the community. Their are no furries aloud!!!!
Gaming | Programming
Sacknana Productions official community Discord server.
Anime | Gaming
LGBT friendly server if you like being toxic or roasting random people come on in. We are a brand new server, talk about anything you like we have voice chat gaming channel you name it just don't break TOS and you can be as toxic as ya want. We however do not allow Furries/Scalies/Bronies they aren't welcome here
Entertainment | Gaming
uncensored content, fucking high school roleplay, simp free, etc.
Gaming | Programming
talk about you rsps and other stuff
Community | Social
This is the official group for Anti-Anime since it's the United Nations. For centuries we been fighting the war of anime. But now in this new generation we can make an impact, we have to keep fighting there's no holding back, Anime's community is complete shit and we are here to stop the cringyness such as weebs, furries, and obviously anime itself. I like to think of it as video games vs anime. This group consists of every Anti-Anime Owner/Leader this is a democracy, not a dictatorship we equally share power. Join us and lets grow together as the Rev Anti-Anime. XXXTENTACION: "There's Hope For The Rest Of Us."
Community | Gaming
Come join us now comrade! For anyone that likes soviet / communist related things. We offer the following: -A friendly community -Dankmemer bot -Watcher bot -3 music bots -An army -News channel -Raid protection -And more!
Meme | Gaming
welcome gamers and anti-furrys welcome to the anti-furry brotherhood we are a growing server come join