Social Departments Against Furry Roleplaying Servers is a chill, fun, and welcoming association. There are multiple departments and ranks to choose from and become. There is music to listen to, bots, and users to chat with (including debates, small talks, unpopular opinions, etc.). Join the gang.
A place for weeb trash and furry trash to get killed.
CGS is that cold clear cup you get as a kid that hits different. The most refreshing ass 2 sips of your life.
The AFQEG Council is a server made with humorous intent about mocking furries/memeing them for their sometimes ridiculous behaviors and suits.
LGBT friendly server if you like being toxic or roasting random people come on in. We are a brand new server, talk about anything you like we have voice chat gaming channel you name it just don't break TOS and you can be as toxic as ya want. We however do not allow Furries/Scalies/Bronies they aren't welcome here
We are a gaming/meme community that is against furries and gachas, and are allies with the GDI, URG, and FFTE, we will infiltrate any server as long as your provide a proper invite (it must be a gacha/furry server,) and put a png of jahcoin in chat.
uncensored content, fucking high school roleplay, simp free, etc.