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Community | Technology
A place for weeb trash and furry trash to get killed.
Community | Social
This is the official group for Anti-Anime since it's the United Nations. For centuries we been fighting the war of anime. But now in this new generation we can make an impact, we have to keep fighting there's no holding back, Anime's community is complete shit and we are here to stop the cringyness such as weebs, furries, and obviously anime itself. I like to think of it as video games vs anime. This group consists of every Anti-Anime Owner/Leader this is a democracy, not a dictatorship we equally share power. Join us and lets grow together as the Rev Anti-Anime. XXXTENTACION: "There's Hope For The Rest Of Us."
Meme | Entertainment
The Meme Inn Is a meme server... No Furries Or Weebs... No racists... A hotel full of memes...