Investing | Community
In this server we share everything about how you can make a little extra cash on the side.
Bot | Anime
Fluxpoint Development is a community focused server for developers, gamers and anime nerds that enjoy doing what we love. We provide many Discord services including high-quality bots, windows apps and an api/gallery for other bot developers to use.
Community | Gaming
Exo Advertisement Central is a place where you can advertise basically anything like: Servers, Bots, Apps, Social Media, Art, Programming and much much more. We have our own custom bot. We are always hiring staff and we are all friendly and welcoming.
Programming | Technology
Vous avez besoin de développer une application ? Nous sommes là pour vous aider à choisir : la technologie la mieux adaptée, le langage le plus adapté, un design cohérent...
Art | Role-Playing
Criamos um cenário em conjunto de um Brasil com superpoderes. Aqui você pode criar seu herói e participar do desenvolvimento da história; ou então fazer parte dos grupos de arte e desenvolvimento dos jogos, quadrinhos e séries.