Art | Support
Hello! This server is primarily focused on Digital art! We also have a traditional art channel for people who do or enjoy that. We have artists from all over the world in this cozy community, and we would like you to be a part of it! What we can offer: - Frequent art challenges and competitions - Constructive Criticism on your art to help you improve (if you don't want any then just let us know) - Resources, tutorials and tips, all free! - Lovely people who don't bite :) We also plan to do competitions with valuable prices and setting up our own bot with a good currency system for fun stuff. This Discord Server is based off the Facebook group Digital Artists Group. :)
Art | Design
I make really cheap GFX and you can share your GFX with the server to get feedback! - You can freely advertise your discord! - If you purchase some GFX, you can @here whenever you post! (Your socials and your discords!) - You can find new and awesome friends!
Art | Meme
This is a very small and art discord free for anyone to join and talk about art, This server is targeted for people who want a tame and calm community. So far we got less than 10 members so come join the canvas and help it grow! I hope to see you there
Art | Hobbies
We hope that you will enjoy your stay here! While there are a lot of art communities on Discord, this one differs from the others because of the goals we have set for *ours*. We don't wish for a server where artists simply post their art to gain a following.
Art | Hobbies
A chill, art server for people to share what they're proud of :)