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The objective of this server is to bring skeptics together in a non-toxic community whether it be to have discussions, debate or to just chill. We offer many channels including private ex-theist channels that members will gain access to once they've been in the server for a while. We focus on intellectual discussions but we do have random conversations as this is a community. Infidel means "a person who does not believe in religion or who adheres to a religion other than one's own." This term is often used as an insult but we've embraced it.
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A friendly place for respectful but heated philosophical debates. All ideologies are equally welcome. Darth Dawkins Live
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Darth Dawkins Debate Discord Server No Trolling Dunkin Atheism will take turns addressing any atheists who think they have an argument.
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Have Questions about Islam or interested in discussing Islam with others? Ask-Muslims is your destination.
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Hello all! This server was created for all who are searching for facts in a world full of fiction. The goal is to create critical thinking minds and bring about higher personal growth. Speaking with grace to those we may disagree.
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Welcome to Political Discourse. We are an extremely open minded political discord community that allows for the discussion of all political, economic, religious, and other idealogical belief structures. While we are an extremely laid back community, we still need to follow Discord's ToS (, and because of this we have a very short list of rules that must be followed, simply to prevent us from being shut down. We do not allow pornographic content of any kind on this server. We're here to talk about politics, if you want to be lewd join one of thousands of intentionally NSFW servers. Using personal attacks to debate (ad hominems) are not allowed here. If you want to make a debate about race, religion, sex or similar topics; you need to have verifiable statistics that are not personal attacks. We only want to have an open conversation and discussion, as long as you use common sense you'll do fine here.
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Jewish against Judaism is a new Discord server trying to see if we can find a community that disagrees with Judaism. Or may have felt negatively effected by it.