This is %100 Australian made server. It has a very fun friendly community. Great chill staff. Everyone is accepted. Come and join!
Gaming | Community
Get Some Game is a West Australian based Aussie Gaming Community with focus on multiplayer gaming of all kinds including PC/Console/Board/DnD/Mobile
Aussie FiveM server.
Community | Meme
A fun and friendly community for Aussies! Doesn't matter if you're Australian or not! We'd be more than happy to have you! The server is welcoming and the staff are constantly working to make the server a better experience overall by updating server with different channels, rules and extra settings to make sure that you experience the best you can out of the server.
Gaming | Streaming
A friendly Gaming community for everyone! popular video games include: | PubG | Fortnite | Path of Exiles | Rust | CS : GO | Ark | Minecraft | 7 Days to Die | The Forest | Dead by Daylight | Stardew Valley | Elder Scrolls online | +Many more!
Social | Support
An Australian discord server dedicated to the Aussie people. Mostly for being social
Gaming | Social
Aussie Discord For Playing Games, Good Banter & Good Laughs! (Includes 24/7 Minecraft Server)
Gaming | Military
Hub for COD MW in oceanic region Feel free to join and find a squad DISCORD LINK BELOW
Social | Community
Aussie Discord is a new server and a place for everyone to chat and connect with others. Talk about sport, gaming, or anything else you like! Chill server.
Programming | Gaming
An Aussie Discord/Community For Cracking We Offer HQ Combos, Configs, Keywords, Methods And A Bunch Of Other Stuff!
Community | Social
An aussie server for anyone who wants to join
Community | Entertainment
G'day Mates! We're the largest Australian Discord chat community where many people from down under and around the globe have called home. Active chat and great banter daily. Recommended age is 18+ and you don't have to just be from Australia to join, everyone is welcome!
Community | Meme
Welcome to Aussie Teens This server is for teens to come and find new friends and post memes, The server is run by @only_aussies_can_relate (170,000) followers on Instagram. Based off the old Aussie Teens that sadly got deleted at 2,800 members.
Community | Gaming
Come join Afterhours! One of the more upcoming servers for Final Fantasy XIV online to help form groups and find friends to play with in the late evenings for you American folks and you Aussies who can't stand the JP data centre!
Gaming | Social
AusBlock is a discord for Australians seeking a fully sick SMP to play on with no whitelist and a good community