Anime | LGBT
Roles Include: Idols: Love Live, Idolmaster, Bang Dream! (Bandori), Zombieland Saga, Tokyo 7th Sisters, Hololive, Aikatsu Guydols: Utapri, Idolish7, Enstars, B-project, Imas side-m Come talk with us about games/animes/etc involving idols and guydols with an LGBT twist <3
Gaming | Anime
Polyrhythm, the heaven of rhythm games, is open to welcome its members into a new world of rhythm games. We support 6 game channels: bandori, ensemble stars, shining live, love live, idolish-7 and b-project. come and join this beautiful heaven where we discuss about game events, interact with each other from different channels, and enter new dimensions in the future! The Ruler invites you into this beautiful heaven....:)
Anime | Music
This server was made for people to make new friends that are into bang dream! Come discuss anything you have been itching to talk about, from not getting your dream 4* card to full comboing that hard song! This server is quite new so feedback would be appreciated!
Anime | Community
We hope you join us in discussing our love for idol games / seiyuu / utaites We love Love Live, Bang Dream, Idolmaster, B-Project, Uta no Prince Sama, and more! Anime and Manga welcome!
Gaming | Anime
We're mainly Nasuverse/BanG! Dream centred, but we're open to almost every topic for discussion here! Come join, we welcome with open arms!
Anime | Community | Music
Welcome to Idol Academy! A dedicated community with Love Live!, BanG Dream/Bandori, Aikatsu!, Idolmaster, PriPara, and anime idols, in general.
Anime | Meme
church no more words
Anime | Music
★ Idol Festival! is a friendly community full of people interested in idol games! Discuss your favorite idol characters and have fun with everyone in the server! We mostly like to talk about Bandori, Ensemble Stars, Hypnosis Mic, and Love Live, but there are channels for A3!, Idolish7, [email protected], Revue Starlight, Utapri, and 22/7 Music Time as well! We also do events and account giveaways! We hope you can find a happy place here!
Anime | Gaming
A server for BanG Dream/Bandori fans, free advertisement(don't be shy), Always need a moderator, if you wanna join the moderator family just DM me(owner)
Anime | Music
Hello! This discord server was made with a sense of community in mind and has everything you need to keep you up to date in the world of Love Live and Bandori! It also has scouting simulators for both!