A text-based Pokémon battling system, with a growing meta and active players. Come battle with your favorite Pokémon in a realistic, life-like setting.
Hi Welcome to the hideout. Join us to make some nice active friends. We have trading, Shiny hunter stuffs, and Battling (Competitive and Casual). What makes us stand out from the others? Well the current owner is in the process of making all custom emotes digitally drawn and she takes requests of any kind (Keep them pokemon related). We also have a level up system for different pokeballs. The highest being master ball rank. We don't mind if you are new to pokemon we'd love to teach you all we know. We also offer a channel for promoting your servers (You have to stay in the server to keep you ad up). We hope you join us and become an Applin today!
A new Pokemon server that is preparing to accept members for Sword and Shield! Currently need Admins and Moderators :)
A Pokemon server especially for Battling, Breeding, and competitive advice, with bimonthly tournaments of standard formats and unique themes, a Draft League, free breeding Dittos, and Breeders who do requests There's bots for FC's on command and bringing up any needed info on Pokemon such as full stats and move descriptions Occasionally Smash bros tournaments too now
Stadium of Valere is a Discord based Pokemon league where people can come to challenge our gyms and try to take the champion spot! We hope you have a pleasant time here. If Disboard doesn't work, use this link https://discord.gg/avBP4x7
A place to exchange friend codes and organize raids, trades, and battles, or just hang out. Not too strict, not too stuffy, we're just here to have fun.
SwSh Laboratory is a discord server for Pokemon Sword and Shield! We offer: - Weekly tournaments, sometimes with prizes! - Multiplayer chats - Advice chats - Pokecord And much more!