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A place to get bored in. If you want to waste next 5 years of your life then go ahead and join.
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**===========================IMPORTANT===================================** **Introduction** Hi there! We are a Friendly Group and We would Like you To Join! If we are large enough, WE WILL HELP SMALL SERVERS! :yum: Yep that's right. **Here are some reasons you should join us: -:smile: Friendly staff! :smile: -:moneybag: Robux and V-Bucks Can Be Earned IN This Server :moneybag: -:sunglasses: We support each other :sunglasses: -:no_entry_sign: Strong Ban/Mute/Kick System :no_entry_sign: -:sparkling_heart: Enrollment for Partner in the Server :sparkling_heart: -:cry: Please don't leave the chat! Thanks for reading this! :cry: -:video_game: We have famous simulation games such as Pokecord, Boxbot, and CoinMaster!:video_game: -:thumbsup: Custom Roles! :thumbsup: -:100: 100% Non-Toxic Server! :100: -:heart_eyes: It always evolves and upgrades no matter what so it would make a next difference when you ever leave and come back:heart_eyes:**
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