Anime | Investing
If you like Pokémon we have the server just for you ! We offer helpful tips and tricks to anyone looking to collect or even invest in new Pokémon cards ! Whether you like playing the main games or playing/collecting cards then come check us out ! We are a fun , friendly group that are available for any help or just to chat during these crazy times !
Hobbies | Gaming
Join Teams and play Cardfight Vanguard Online. 3v3+. Standard and Premium, New & Veteran players! We Host Weekly Event's and partnered with other big Cardfight Vanguard communites who host Tournments with prizes! If you are interested Please Join and welcome To Cardfight Vanguard!
Community | Gaming
We are a 13+ community of randos on the internet, of course! Our main focus is to create a community of a solid social server-- real-life conversations, games, roasting, etc... We're small right now, but we have plenty to check out!
Financial | Business
Mickey Market is the best place to get good quality credit cards. Visa MasterCard Amex, anything. Any country you want the cards from, we have them here. Come make some good money and join the server. Carding is easy when you have good cards.
Role-Playing | Social
Set in a time where separate continents do not exist, Aces’ Grace Roleplay is set in a futuristic setting. It is set within 2054, yet, despite some advancements, such as androids, the government was forced back to a medieval setting by a group called The Caped Tyrants, who were soon killed off.
Social | Community
Fun server with a talkative community, card games, kitpvp, Russian roulette, music, discussions, and yeah.
Technology | Crypto
In our discord server we provide multiple different services, this includes: 50% off Gift Cards (fast delivery) CC info or Full CC (fast delivery) Most physical items from specific websites at 40% of original price(We ship directly to you) We also sell cracked accounts such as: Netflix, McDonalds, NordsVPN and more. Please contact our 2 Owners if you have any questions.
Crypto | Community
Exchange those unwanted gift cards, or exchange services in USD or Crypto! A market for anything you could ever want! Verified buyers providing only the best of the best, join and become verified. Or, if you are a seller, come and buy or exchange your cards for crypto and USD, or vice versa.
Entertainment | Community
Join a Pokemon Community based out of Instagram. Play Pokecord, Buy, Sell, Trade cards with trustworthy individuals.
Gaming | Entertainment
Server for the Domain TCG.
Gaming | Entertainment
Small but friendly community A wide selection of bots and games • Gambling • • Pokecord • • DiscordRPG • • Hunger Games • • Occasional Events • • Reddit Feed • • YouTube Feed • • NSFW • • Music bots • • Modmail •
Crypto | Gaming
Ethereum based crypto powered animal card trading game.
Sports | Community
A place for hockey card collectors to discuss the hobby, buy/sell/trade cards and post box breaks.