Community | Entertainment | Social
Need a new hangout server? Just looking to make new friends? Come join us! | Active Chat & VC | Levelling bot | Friendly staff | Nitro Giveaways
Community | Entertainment | Social
Need a new hangout server? Just looking to make new friends? Come join us! | Active Chat & VC | Levelling bot | Friendly staff | Nitro Giveaways
Meme | Anime
We're a server collecting memes come join and shitpost all u want
Community | Gaming
Chatting and gaming are our main priorities but other inclusions are welcome!
Community | Meme
The Trailer Park Is a combination of: Le Epic Events! Epic Gamers! Memes And Shitposts! An EPIC Community Roleplaying Lahey And Randy! And Sheer Madness! Join the madness today by clicking that invite link! More details in desc
YouTuber | LGBT
Hello! This is a small server for anything that isn’t NSFW. I made roles, and i have robots, and right now im working on more stuff. It took a while to set up, so i hope you join! My goal is to turn this into a big server.
Gaming | Social
This server is based largely around Rocket League and Rainbow 6 Siege as those are the games I play the most. However, I want the server to be a social hub as well where people can chat and find whatever other mutual games they want to play. Currently, I am working on organizing a Pixelmon (or otherwise SMP Minecraft) server. Join, chat, and have fun!
Community | Entertainment
We offer: eboys and egirls
Community | Entertainment
A friendly community for casual chatting, gaming, sharing memes etc etc.. We also have fun events you can participate in if you're into that, the main goal here is to have fun 😅😉
Entertainment | Gaming
This discord sever is made to bring the community together. This server is basically for chatting, chilling and fun!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
I'm adding new things every day so be sure to stay up to date.
Community | Anime
Pink paradise is a pastel themed server focused on chatting, anime, and has one NSFW channel. We welcome everyone!
Community | Gaming
╔═══════ ೋღ ღೋ ═══════╗ Our server includes ♔◦Games!◦♔ -We are always looking to make more guilds, crews and other groups in games! Find your fellow gamers here! ♔◦Voice chats!◦♔ -Talk to others! Private group voice chats also!- ♔◦Art!◦♔ -For everyone out there who likes art and wants to show others your work, then- This channel is for you! ♔◦Active and fun server!◦♔ -Active staff, members, and fun voice chats and more! ♔◦Amazing staff!◦♔ -Amazing & friendly staff, let us know if you need help or if you have suggestions! ♔◦Partnerships!◦♔ -We are always actively searching for partnerships and partnership managers! -Invite: ╚═══════ ೋღ ღೋ ═══════╝
Community | Social
We are very kind and nice.
Art | Hobbies
A place to express your creative side through music, art, writing, photography, and more!!
Language | Art
Community | Social
Great sever .
Gaming | Role-Playing
Join this community if you enjoy playing MMORPGS or RPG games in general, we are currently working on a MMORPG called City of Chaos!
Community | Social
Fun server to talk to people to no matter who or what they are.
Meme | Entertainment
Memes,Chatting,Chilling and fun
Role-Playing | Anime
A pretty relaxed RP server, we're just trying to have a bit of fun. We also have non-RP options like games, bots, anime ect anyone is welcome. We don't mind how you RP one liners are welcome.
eSports | Entertainment
Turkish - English Entertainment - Games - Just Chatting Counter Strike (Faceit & ESEA & MM) League of Legends PUBG Others...
Gaming | Meme
Welcome to the Friday night Gaming Club! "What goes on here?" you may ask? Three words: Gaming, Chatting, Memes. This server was created after seeing how much people have Discord and play games so everyone could be linked together in video games! We also have a arcade here that is free for everyone to use! There's RPG's a Casino, and of course Nightly Game Trivia! And don't get me started with the awesome BOTS! They are always aimed to make this server THE BEST and are one of the main features that we have in this server! Every member has said how GOOD this server is and most are aimed to bring in even more gamers from around the world to join us in this amazing server! So what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and smash that "Join Server" button to join the club so we see you there!!
Community | Gaming
Extremely friendly community focused on chatting and gaming.
Gaming | Music
Moin Leute! Dieser Server hat viel zu bieten: Vom chatten bis zum Musik hören, hier ist einfach alles mit drin! Also fackelt nicht lange und joint einfach!
Community | Gaming
Server info ☾ Games ☽ ☾ Anime ☽ ☾ Chatting ☽ ☾ Chilling ☽ ☾ Memes ☽ ☾ Leveling roles ☽ ☾ Nsfw ☽
Social | Gaming
This is a chill server just meant for chatting, gaming and having fun. Nothing too complicated.
Social | Entertainment
Join Food for Thought and be prepared to be prepared. You enter this place as a lost little potato, but fret not, if you stick around you’ll get cooked in no time. The more you talk the more delicious you become too. Recruit more potatoes if you can, it’s always more fun to get smashed with your friends. This is your chance to finally be satisfying and useful! You can say whatever you want here. No one’s gonna condemn or punish you for your opinions. We watch stuff and play games sometimes.
Streaming | Gaming
Hey guys! Welcome to my Twitch server! You can catch me on Twitch at:
Gaming | Entertainment
The world of everything is a server where you can chat about anything except fortnite Come join us and build the community
Role-Playing | Anime
Unleash your wildest fantasies. Share new experiences with others. Find your sensual calling. Bringing you a newly innovated one-on-one roleplay community to fulfill your imaginative needs. To bring your most treasured characters to life. To share moments of laughter and pleasure with others. Our reward to you is this safe place that allows everyone to express their interests and meet likeminded people without any harsh judgements or criticism. Our main focus is to bring comfort to our writers and release their inner sinful desires with each word they type. We encourage you to free the restrains holding you back from total bliss and become intoxicated from words.
Gaming | Community
Gaming | Community
YouTube Crimicals official discord server! Also a hub to talk with others!
Anime | Community
This server has not opened yet.I'm currently looking for people who are interested helping out the server such as Moderating extra features etc. My goal with this server to make this a place were you can meet and make new friends. Were you can talk without any unnecessary drama. If you are interested in making that happen. Join!
Community | Gaming
fun fact: clicking join automatically increases your peepee size by 2
Entertainment | Gaming
Hey! Are you a gamer? Of course you are, you're looking for discord servers! Only BOOMERS don't game anyway.. I've created this discord server with a few friends and I, and we are looking to expand! We have an active, yet small community, of friends who play games together! I hope you enjoy your stay in my lounge! -Bolth
Gaming | Meme
Well you are just in the right place, Melon Mafia, we the mafia do it all, we wanna achieve a cool and fun cohesive server that all of of our members can enjoy conversations and whatnot about Gaming and Memes in a peaceful and lighthearted environment, and remember... Hoobodo Haaboda
Gaming | Community
This is a new chatting server and still in the making so don't expect much but joining the server would help a lot.
Gaming | Community
Gaming and Chat server
Tabletop | Gaming
Looking for an active DND 5e and other table top game server? What a community to make friends and have a good time? Well we are that we have DND 5e games running as wells some others. We are actively growing and have a group of stable people constantly playing games and just chatting. Please come join us a d take a look around!
Entertainment | Role-Playing
This is a brand new server so I will need help to gather some mods, partnerships, and more so this server can grow. This server offers a Self assign role upcoming events, and fun bots. The only requirements into joining this server is being at least 50/50 active, being kind, and friendly. Thank you!
Gaming | Community
Fun Minecraft Discord Hub for ProjectKorra Plugin Players!
Community | Social
The Station, where you can hop on the train any time! We focus on civility in our channels, allowing anyone of any age to enjoy the server. Chatting and the like is greatly encouraged as our goal is to create an environment that helps people connect, grow, and learn with others. So get a ticket and climb aboard!
Entertainment | Gaming
Just some retards that make 5 euros a year looking for that fame on you tube and elsewhere.
Furry | Hobbies
Hello everyone! This is a little server me and my girlfriend decided to make, since we are both in the furry community. We have color-roles, self-roles and many more things! We are a very friendly SFW community that accepts everyone! We'll see you soon and thank you for joining! ^w^
Community | Gaming
Welcome to the International Airport of Earth, This is a small friendly community trying to grow, Join us and have a safe flight!
Gaming | YouTuber
Gaming, Youtube, Positive Community, People can promote themselves, Cool arts and music!
Meme | Social
Don't ask about the server name lol. This server is mainly talking to other people on discord (there is a section dedicated to memes), feel free to chat to others about anything you want in the #off-topic chat. There is a few rules in this server so you're not completely vulnerable to doing what you like.
Entertainment | Social
Actively growing social server, many bots and custom ranks. We love to listen to suggestions and are always trying to inprove the server!
Community | Entertainment
A server where you just vibe hard, that's pretty much it
Anime | Gaming
Just a server to meet other people♡ Be nice to each other.
Entertainment | Gaming
We are new and looking for new staff members. Please join if you feel like supporting a new and actively growing server!
Social | Entertainment
Hey, you! Yes, you! We've got nothing else to do during these tough times with everyone stuck indoors, and this server is the perfect place to just hangout and make some friends to pass the time! Let's be real, we've got nothing else to do, so why not pop in and see what we have to offer, eh?
Community | Meme
A 40+ member server for community chats and a flexible list of common games Lots of teen active members (you don't need to like soup to join ;) )
A server for chitchat and worship. Fun(including worship) is probably going to be something you'll have, we'll take care of it. Please show your undying love and commitment to Dr. Pepper, it's the best softdrink, better than the nectar of gods.
Gaming | Streaming
Gaming and Streaming server where people can meet new people
Meme | Gaming
MemeCore is a server mainly designed for memes, gaming and chatting. The server is carefully organised and it futures powerful antiraid tools, amazing meme commands, fun bots, and active mods. Have fun and enjoy you stay ^^
Meme | Social
Just another Discord server for chatting, chilling and finding teammates. It's very new so we are looking for a couple of admins to help run the place. As said it's very new so please invite your friends as well, thank you!
Discord community for AirMcJagger
Gaming | Entertainment | Science
Do you play games? Come on down, we support games from about 10 different top, popular and excellent video game companies. Memes, photography, selfies, introductions, off-topic, game chat, bot fun, so much to do!
Community | Role-Playing
Chatting, roleplay, satire, multifandom, memes, irony, music, art
Community | Programming
Hello everyone!We are a very small server,and we are looking for new members so feel free to join! The thing we feature: -Generators -The ZeroTwo bot -CSGO opening cases box -friendly people -more
Community | Growth
This server is dedicated to just chatting about life and what's on our mind in hopes to enrich our relationships with others and ourselves!
Community | Furry
A small, close-knit community focused on having fun and supporting each other. All people welcome.
Gaming | Entertainment
Gaming, Streaming, chatting, community discussions
A friendly chat server.
Gaming | Entertainment
A server to chill, chat and talk about games.
Gaming | Anime
Hi! i made this server for people to find new friends or just new people to talk to. Didn't know a better name for it at the moment but you can recommend a new server name on one of the text channels. Have fun!
Community | Anime
𝗪𝗲 𝗮𝗿𝗲 : > 🤗SFW & Friendly Community > 🌺Well Organized Server > ☺️Different Chatting channels > (Anime/Game/General) > 🤩Self Roles with exclusive colors > 🙂Motivational / Inspirational Posts > 😜Ranking System > 👻NSFW LOCKED unless you get the access role > Many bots to mess up with
Music | Entertainment
In this server, we will be connecting with one another and discussing current events relating to the one and only queen of rap, Nicki Minaj.
Social | Community
We are a new English Community. We are looking forward to getting bigger. We cannot get bigger without people :) We don't have many features, but we are developing. *Some Self-roles *Game Partner Find *Language Channel
Gaming | Community
Fun little server to make friends and chat. We're not very popular yet so we'd appreciate your stay for a while till more people join :)
Education | Gaming
— Welcome to flay 🌼 | color roles, be as colorful as you want 🌼 | e-girls & e-boys 🌼 | chill discord 🌼 | searching partner managers
Community | Hobbies
Talking, Fun, Chatting, Music, Games, Jokes