Hobbies | Community
Bird server with 300+ members and a warm, welcoming and knowledgeable community! There is many channels for the discussion of bird care, housing and training as well as for bird memes and bird watching as well as offtopic chats. We have many experts that are willing to answer any of your questions! Additionally we also have self assignable roles for bird owners, bird watchers or just general bird fans. Feel free to join and see for yourself!
Role-Playing | Community
Join one of four chicken flocks and choose to steal eggs from enemies or settle down and raise a family!
Gaming | Community
Hello and welcome to rottis chicken coop! rottis is a streamer himself, he usually stream minecraft and subnautica, but he also streams diffirent games too! Come join our server if you wanna hang out with the awesome peeps that are in the server! You will also have a chance to get into one of rottis streams