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Pigeon Games' official Discord server, contains news, updates, and exclusives! Join the pigeons now!
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here we are family together.. every night we are having a party .. just come and join the party
Role-Playing | Meme
A realistic dragon roleplay
Beliefs | Writing
For those who are Chinese, or wish to learn Chinese
Entertainment | Community
A place to discuss Asian cinema (plus TV / movies in general.) Both classics and new releases.
Role-Playing | Music
Ever felt like living in the dirty yet busy streets of the future? Visit Neon District. This young server has toggling roles to switch roles to play as different groups including the Syndicate, Cops, Hackers, etc with a beautiful way of solving RP disputes.
Community | Education
Do you wanna get updated about things that are going on around the world? If so join the discord! We will be posting updates of events that happen across the world From American all the way to North Korea. Learn education facts about different countries and what's going on in their country that might not be going on in yours!
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Loonie Marketland ✅
Community | Gaming
CORONA VIRUS INFO: information and talking about corona virus, facts,live map, and updates.
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