Servidor de cs comunitário português, based on UK
A friendly RuneScape 3 community that boasts a complete guide to the Max Cape, the Completionist cape, the Master Quest Cape, the Trimmed Completionist cape, RuneScore Achievements, True Trim, AFK Thaler, Boss Guides, and Daily Money Making runs. You can join us every weekend for a range of events including boss teaching masses, minigames, and Runescore feat help. We also host AFK Thaler gain sessions during relevant minigame spotlights and offer free Reaper kills to learners who need their first kill in any group bosses.
Welcome! This server is for all of those who wish to climb the rank ladder on Overwatch while still having a great time and making friends. I'd suggest you read the rules as well as choosing your platform your main role and main characters to use this discord community server to its full potential.
We are Competitive Team Havoc Gaming, We are always recruiting at
| How to join Hyper Esports: | -Pro Team-> Be minimum pro 3 or above to get into our professional team! You must be active atleast 4 times a week. 16-17 years of age minimum understand how to play objective! Have previous gaming experience: E.G Counter strike, black ops, pubG. | The next team we have here at Hyper Esports is: | -Comp Team-> Be minimum pro 2 or above to get into our competitive team, where you’ll take part in scrims and the occasional tournament! You must be active atleast 4 times a week. 15 years of age or older. understand how to play objective! have a previous gaming background. | Last but not least, we have: | -Sniping Team-> Minimum rank of pro 1 Any age as long as your mature. Be able to screen record. Active atleast 2-3 times a week! | Know how to quickscope to a high standard. | Feel Free To join Casually too!!
A server to find new friends in the competitive pokemon community
JOIN THIS AMAZING FORTNITE ZONE WARS HOSTING DISCORD SERVER ------------------------------------------- what we offer 1.Zone wars stacked lobby's 24/7 2.A nice community that is always wanting to play 3.We have NAE NAW EU OCE players 4.You can look for a duo partner 5.You can look for a squad 6.giveaways 7.over 1000 members So we hope to see you there!!