This is a Discord server based around Cosmic Sky. It's about time that the community had a central hub on Discord in which they can meet, find other players, and ultimately have a good time.
-=-SartinyDupe-=- SartinyDupe is a minecraft cosmictest server with kind staff members and a none toxic community where we have rules for you to feel safe! A Cosmic test server is basicly a server where you get alot of crate keys, loot boxes, monthlycrates etc FOR FREE! But wait it gets even better we also have ftop rewards! Join the link bellow to find out more about us! Join our discord server for: -=- Invite rewards -=- Giveaways -=- A place for you to find new friends -=- Minecraft server (cosmic test) -=- Custom enchants -=- Free Crate keys, lootboxes, monthlycrates etc Discord: Twitter: Minecraft Server IP: NOTE: The server is still not open join the discord server to find out more and get daily updates!