Come join us for a realistic and unique Unturned roleplay experience! Be a sheriff, or be a criminal. You can run for government or turn a business into a monopoly! How will you shape the small island of Altis? Come and see for yourself!
Welcome to Academy Awareness. -Here you can get involved in creating awareness on exploitation occurring all over the world, namely the clear net where kids are the most vulnerable. -We aim to compile reports for both Victims in need of help and Criminals to law enforcement so action will be taken. (We can help teach you these skills) -Our goal is to bring an end to this exploitation by exposing it to the public and forcing the companies to take action and responsibility for poor moderation of their sites and giving Law Enforcement the needed info to find justice against Criminals perpetrating these crimes.
This is my interview server for my main gta 5 ps4 roleplay server.
Who are we? TrippyRP is all about positivity, giving our members a safe and fun environment to play in, chat, work as a team and so much more! We have a wide variety of ideas, however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community. Our server is full of dedicated members to bring the best roleplay experience, and we are currently accepting staff applications! Come join to check out what we have to offer! All are welcome! ----------------------- Features of playing on our server : Active Staff! Anyone Can Apply For LEO/EMS! Custom Civilian Vehicles Custom Skinned LEO Vehicles Private Law Enforcement Vehicles Menu Based Server Custom EUP Uniforms CAD/MDT Server Events And much more! ------------------------ Departments Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) San Andreas State Police (SASP) San Andreas Fire Rescue (SAFR) Civilian Information: Discord: