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Beliefs | Social | Political
Welcome to political discourse done right; an open forum and community for any kind of conversation, debate, or just hanging out, where civility is our top priority.
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Beliefs | Social | Political
Welcome to political discourse done right; an open forum and community for any kind of conversation, debate, or just hanging out, where civility is our top priority.
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Crypto | Investing
Join the RapaxMercator trading robot, make money while you do what you want! Simple, fast and efficient! FR/EN
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Financial | Crypto
World's renowned NFT art collectible designer& producer &Metaveverse games and applications innovator,
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Crypto | Education
Hi all, I would like to invite you to my Discord Called Community Crypto Crew. We offer Learning materials, buy and sell signals, Charts,Trade setups, live technical analysis and live group training lessons. At Crypto Crew, we believe there’s nothing more unstoppable then when people come together. This group’s mission is to create a global community of diverse individuals who will support, challenge, and inspire one another by providing a platform for mentorship, career development, personal growth, and fun. We encourage you to share your knowledge, ask questions, participate in discussions and become part of this growing community. Together we can become better community leaders and provide our members with a much better experience.
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Crypto | Gaming
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Crypto | Community
Cheetahcoin is a fork of Nengcoin (NENG) on SHA256 using a proof-of-work algorithm with enhanced features to protect against 51% attack and decentralize on mining to allow diversified mining rigs across CPUs, GPUs, ASICs and Android devices. Cheetahcoin is a meme coin just like Doge, but with a capped supply. Here in Cheetahcoin we like to have fun! Why don't you come and join us and get in on the fun of mining and learn about crypto!
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Crypto | Art
2NFT is your main source to discover NFT projects with huge potential. Visit us every day to see the latest non-fungible tokens (NFTs) projects at the beginning of their journey.
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Crypto | Technology
What do you need to start your project? A marketer? A blockchain developer? An artist? Join now and you'll be connected with a professional. Want proof of previous successful jobs done? Join and let's show you how good we are!
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Investing | Crypto
its a idea of a crypto community to help each other out and to hang out in the future when we get more memebers there will be vip options too
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Community | Meme
If you're here, you're are early! Wake and bake time! TLDR - Read this first section only. Cat Nip Tokens’ goals are to bring like minded users together through art, contests, and of course catnip! More Info: Before launching our token we are determined to spend the first 3 months building a community that has unified goals and ideas. Cat Nip is already developing its dapps and contracts for launch, this way we can ensure a smooth and linear development path during our initial stages. The Team: The team behind Cat Nip is a group of friends who came together from varying parts of the world and communities to succeed where others have failed. With a thought out growmap and experience in the web3 space, we hope to bring catnip into the crypto space with a hit. All our Links: More Info soon!
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Crypto | Gaming
Corrupt Network is a gaming-focused blockchain communication and alternative network. We focus on provide ease-of-access tools and plugins for game developers to communicate with multiple blockchains. We also provide custom gaming engines, custom token creation, NFT creation and cataloging, and more!
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Community | Crypto
Anything related to cryptocurrency! Prices, Ideas, Suggestions? Anything related to crypto's is welcome here!
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Crypto | Community
Autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. Simply hold SAFESPACE in your wallet and you will get more. On each transaction the protocol automatically distributes rewards to holders as well as auto-locks liquidity forever. Our goals for SafeSpace token is to be able to use it as another form of payment for goods and services and build a thriving community for all people worldwide! Come and join us and become a fellow Astronaut of SafeSpace community!!
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Gaming | eSports | Programming
We offer an Unlock All Tool for Warzone & Vanguard. This will Unlock All for you. ⚙️ Tool Status: 100% Undetected 🎮 Compatibility: Console / Computer
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Gaming | eSports | Programming
We offer an Unlock All Tool for Warzone & Vanguard. This will Unlock All for you. ⚙️ Tool Status: 100% Undetected 🎮 Compatibility: Console / Computer
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Crypto | Community
A Crypto server that has been designed to give each user the best on demand tools and bots in order to have 1 place where they can get all their crypto information from. The server is a paid subscription which has been setup with a bot that accepts Crypto currency. Bots we have added are sidebar price satellite bots that are always active and live as well as Gas bots for Ethereum, BSC and Matic. We have created different categories in the chat from General discussions, to NFT, Mining and Farming. We also have a dedicated news channel that posts the latest news and tweets to keep you updated. Our HODL bot also allows you to, set price alerts, request charts, request coin information, request fear and greed index and so much more. We have also just launched our signals bot. The aim of this server is to provide a non toxic, peer to peer learning platform for all.
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Crypto | Technology
The official discord of Iron Finance, A decentralized finance ecosystem on the Polygon network
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Crypto | Technology
Starton simplifies the transition to blockchain by providing powerful tools that allow any app to become a blockchain app. Public launch coming soon! Join our discord to stay in touch
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CryptoGrafico: Cryptocurrencies price trend, comparison, analysis, tutorials, news and more: #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #btc #eth #link #ltc #ada #ethereum #tether #binance #cardano #dogecoin #xrp #usdc #polkadot #uniswap #solana #litecoin
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Crypto | Financial
A team of 8 people ready to help and guide you anytime. Public signals with the best trading setups and opportunities. Articles and news filtered and commented daily by our experts. Content and lessons adapted to your level of knowledge.
Crypto | Community
Welcome to the correct space for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general from beginners to professional people that make a living out of it. In this community we seek to unite everyone that is interested in crypto from all around the world. Get comfortable and enjoy talking to people with your same interests and learn about everything that involves crypto. If you need help, don't hesitate to talk to someone from Our Staff.
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Crypto | Investing
Cryptocurrency/Trading fan? Or perhaps a miner who is looking for fellow miners? Then this server is made for you! We are a growing team of professional traders with a high accuracy rate when it comes to predicting Bit/Altcoins future value, we even have bots to make it easier for you to find actual news/prices/reddit threads. Join us! You'll definitely learn a thing or two whilst being able to earn with us. We even have a telegram and a site, and it's free! So why miss out?
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Investing | Business
Hi mate. This server I'm in buys cryptocurrencies collectively at an organised time, making the price FLY TO THE MOON! (up to 800% each time!) You can sell the coin after just a few seconds for huge profit. It's completely free to join and there are also really big giveaways, there is a 100$ giveaway running right now. Sounds too good to be true? click "Join" below to see it for yourself!
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Investing | Education
Home of the YouTuber Tank aka leader of the IBC Gang. Come chat, learn, and discover the cosmos, the best ecosystem in cryptocurrencies. Find his YouTube here: