> Over 5000 members! > 24/7 Active Voice channels, > Custom VC Leveling System > Custom Private VC Creation System > DAILY Giveaways
> Over 5000 members! > 24/7 Active Voice channels, > Custom VC Leveling System > Custom Private VC Creation System > DAILY Giveaways
Advertise your Discord servers and Social Media accounts for FREE! - 25000+ members! - Weekly Giveaways / Events / Contests - Tips on how to grow your server - Partnerships! - Stream / Youtube promotion (people will see when you go live or post a new video) - Games like: Dank Memer, Pokecord, Ball Z. - Latest Gaming / Patch / Sports News - Make your discord grow by posting Ads!
> Over 5000 members! > 24/7 Active Voice channels, > Custom VC Leveling System > Custom Private VC Creation System > DAILY Giveaways
This server is all about fun and entertainment. We play a variety of games We watch anime so if your a web and want to talk about anime we have a channel for it. We have a variety of roles and a ranking system. We have pokecord for pokemon fans. We have a suggestions channel for you to put some suggestion to help us improve the server. We have a memes channel(Who doesn't) You can show off your pets, art and much more And if any of you want to post or see nsfw content we have a channel for it too I hope you enjoy your time here.
We are a trading group in Dank Memer... That's all, we also do have a middleman system and dont worry, robbing/bankrobbing is disabled here for your safety.
Newly formed server, we offer you a quality banter that you won't regret. -Fun bots -Friendly people -Semi-toxic or not at all (if toxic probably banter) -Marriage bot uwu -Eboys & Egirls -And many more
✔️ Rob and bankrob in Dank Memer will be disabled forever. ✔️ Dank Memer giveaways. ✔️ Many other fun bots including pokecord and owo. ✔️ Music channels included. ✔️ Fun and friendly community. ✔️ Server leveling system. ✔️ Nice and friendly staff.
This server is dedicated to the Discord bot by the name of Dank Memer. It includes giveaways for coins, notifications for bank-robbing so that you can get some extra coins, playing with Dank Memer and it's many fun commands, checking out or posting memes, or just simply talking with people. Hopefully memes. Have fun in our server!
A SFW server for making friends with other Harry Potter fans in. And for playing Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Mafia or Skribblio in by participating in games, hosting games or posting your own games invite links in to find players. 100 server emojis. 50 animated ones.
Meme | Bot
This is a Dank Memer focused Server that mostly focuses on robbing others.
Made by a lonely person who enjoys talking to bots and sharing memes, but she always gets banned from facebook so hello discord! if you are over 17 feel free to join. english chat only.
A server filled with gaming/anime/etc.. Content!
Rihimihi is fun friendly server for all Weeb and Gamers!
This is a server where you can have a lots of fun! There are a lot of bots inc. Dank Memer, Pokecord etc. You can even suggest bots you want me to add so you can have even more fun!
In summary we are a kind community to come to and chill in this pandemic we hope to see you there!
Bot | Meme
- We host heisting events for DankMemer servers - Our community is friendly and collaborative - Giveaways! We often host giveaways for DankMemer coins and items - Keep your DankMemer bank safe due to disabled robbing commands - Looking for staff
Un servidor donde poder pasar el rato, charlar, escuchar musica , tenemos de todo -Multitud de bots a tu disposición -Staff agradable y comprometido -Ayudas de LOL y de Saint Seiya -Comunidad activa -Libertad de expresión y de opinión -Saint Seiya Awakening a mas no poder, con ayuda del youtuber Manano Te sentiras como en tu hogar, ya que tendras todas las comodidades necesarias . ¿A que esperas? Unete ya y se parte de la comunidad mananera
Runescape, RS3, OSRS
We got all the popular discord game bots and most of them are premium. What are you waiting for?Join it now!!
The Angry Birds Fan Club is the place where you can do all things angry birds! There are tons of options in this server!
Our server is a fun community server, and we have a bunch of fun bots. For example: Dank Memer and Rythm.
Greetings Citizen. Welcome to the lands of Blackwater. We are an economy server of Dank Memer. In our lands, we are free to rob other citizens. Our server requires: - Active - Respect - Humor Our server offers: - Giveaways - Robbing - Trading Have fun citizens. I hope that the perfect cycle never ends.
A get together for anyone looking for new and funny friends. People just like you! Never feel judged. Just talk. Anyone is welcome above the age 13+ for Discord TOS.
A small server with Pokecord, Dank Memer, Mudae, Akinator, NSFW, and a dedicated Minecraft Realm.
Welcome weary traveler to the mystical and mysterious tavern and lounge known as "Lucky 13"🍀. Full of the worlds wonders; we got jokers, stay-up-all-nighters, trainers, and adventures from the darkest depths of the lands of Discord. Beware, and enter at your own risk!☠️
We are a server that uses a bot called Dank Memer but we also use mudae, pokecord, OwO, etc
We are a developing, friendly community that welcomes all sorts of members! We have (and welcome): 🔥An array of producers (edm, music, all genres of music) 🔥Artists (digital, paintings, etc.) 🔥YouTubers/content creators We also play a lot of games (mainly dank memer, pokecord) both in discord, and mobile games, and have giveaways, events and contests coming soon inside this server!
We are a new chill hangout server! Already Nitro Boosted and we have a variety of bots (including our own custom bot)