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Poggers, Road to 200, we're a growing anarchy server. Join if you'd like to watch a good shitshow.
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Hey, traveler. You've reached a place where all the memes, from the simple ones to the dumb ones, are concentrated. This server is just developing and you can help it by posting your memes or helping the admins with your advice.
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Memes, Meme server
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its gud and memes
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A random emoji server. Must have nitro to use outside the server.
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Free emotes, also think about joining our meme server. It includes more emotes and 4 more server links for emotes Our meme server is called DankHub and we have a google drive for memes, currently holding over 36000 memes. We also have weird people and custom bots, one bot can also post memes from the google drive in the chat.
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Die you loser face maggot smelling garbage laundry basket