16+ English only server. This is a gay server that is brand new. It's pretty chill, has many categories and not a lot of moderation.
Welcome to Societies Hideout, place where a person can just be themselves and enjoy gaming or just conversating with the company of others. This discord is a chill discord where people can hide from society and meet other people, play games with them, debate, or anything else.
We have rooms for debates, bot games and a love for comedy. What isn't to love? If that hasn't won you over, we have a wide variety of roles for all political ideologies, ideals and are open to creating roles for anything else that our members request. We have very few rules except a request that you don't break ToS. HaPpY dEbAtInG! (Also edgy humour may ensue)
Momma's Commune is all about getting anarchists together and forming a community where learning and making connections can be achieved.
(greek language only server) Ελληνικός server ελεύθερης συζήτησης Εθνικών Ιδεών
Sinner! Welcome to Night Owl’s Bar. Forget heaven, no turning back. You found where demons drink their sinner’s blood. Shall you pass through and witness more than just the 7 capital vices. So, will you be our pride? Or would you like a cup too?
Welcome to Sugar! 😉 🔥 18+ Only 👅 Note: We accept all people including LGBTQ+ Our Mission: This server is here to allow people to come together, get to know one another and make some friends...and possibly find a potential lover 😘. We do not like drama, and ensure that it won't be present here, as much as possible! -What we offer- -💦NSFW channel -💦Venting and Advice -💦Selfies -💦Debating/other interests -💦Custom colors and roles -💦 VC channels and music And plenty more!
Server for discussing and debating politics and history - with self-assignable roles :)
Are you tired of political servers full of trolls and idiots? Do you finally want to have a proper political discussion without interruption so we can actually get anywhere as a society? Then you have found the right place! We are a well-moderated server for mature and serious politics.
"An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect." We strive to be a wholesome, friendly and relaxed community where anyone can partake, relax and discuss anything on their minds. We include giveaways, server votes, gaming, music, events and much more! We're waiting for you!
Reformed (Calvinist) Christian server. We actively engage in Bible Studies, Debates, Apologetics and much more. We affirm five points of Calvinism (TULIP) also known as the Doctrines of Grace. Join our friendly community!
On Debates you’ll encounter a wide array of interesting people and topics. The server takes its moderation seriously and is a place of intellectually honest discussion.
A Debate server with less echo chambers and more politics.
Hello, we are a server mainly intended for you to just hang out and meet some people similar to you. We also offer a debates section along with many roles about political, scientific, philosophical and religious opinions/beliefs. Hope to see you there!
Welcome to the American Beer Hall server! Our vision for this server is to create a thriving Discord community where fellow Americans with many strong beliefs are always welcome and surrounded by like-minded people. If you ever become bored of this server and feel as if it is becoming an inactive and dying community, please contact one of the owners, Andre, and tell us how we could improve this server and community. The owner is always online and can be reached at any time.
A place where INTJs can be themselves. Non-INTJs welcome. Also far better than the other INTJ server.
Hello Everyone!!! Our Community is related to Gaming, Social talks, twitch and daily life activities. Everyone is welcome to join our new community. Lets build it up together. Looking forward to meeting new members!!!